School Wide All Curriculum Committee (SWACC)

What is SWACC?

SWACC, the School Wide All Curriculum Committee, is an internal committee with PreK-12 representations from nearly every facet of Carol Morgan School. 

What is SWACC’s purpose?  “Keeper of the Vision”

SWACC is the only school wide committee at Carol Morgan School and is knowledgeable about curriculum issues, PreK-12.  In other words…SWACC serves as the “keeper of the vision.”  As such, the committee provides an information vehicle for school wide issues.  Members address the curriculum cycle, serve as policy advocates to the school board, make recommendations to the administrative team regarding academic issues and direction, and address staff development needs.

Criteria for SWACC membership:

  • 2 year tenure.
  • Permanent members include principals / Library Director / Deputy Head (curriculum)/ a Counselor/ Academic Technology Director.

Committee Members’ responsibilities:

  • To actively be engaged and participate on the SWACC Committee
  • To gather information/input from respective staff, as requested
  • To share with school staff members the outcomes and recommendations of the SWACC meetings, possibly at a staff meeting, posting minutes of the monthly meetings, etc.

How might teachers and principals use SWACC? 

  • To change or add a course at the middle school or high school 
  • To present an idea for staff development or offer training expertise in an area that you would like to share with the PreK-12 staff
  • To share an educationally sound idea that you want the school to consider adopting
  • To pilot an appropriate, research-based strategy or program, share your proposal with your principal and then bring it to SWACC
  • To propose ideas or suggestions for MS or HS courses