Atlas Rubicon

CMS Curriculum Mapping

To produce an overview of student learning experiences and showing a relationship between CMS standards and content/skills that are taught and assessed within the organizational framework of the school calendar.


♦  To provide a tool that analyzes how standards are implemented and assessed
♦  To provide information related to scope and sequence
♦  To reveal opportunities for integration of various contents and essential skills
♦  To produce a useable tool for teachers as they plan and develop lessons

Examples of CMS Curriculum Mapping Guidelines:

♦  Only one map is developed for each course.
♦  Review standards to determine which need to be identified in the essential skills section.
♦  Include research standards
♦  Record standards and benchmarks on the content map
♦  The map is written in a matter that is easily understood by any teacher new to CMS or colleague
    that does not teach the particular content of that map.