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A TRIBES Learning Community

An Introduction…

Beginning with the 2000 – 2001 school year, the Carol Morgan School adopted Tribes, a program designed to promote a caring community environment at CMS.  Since that time, all faculty and staff have been trained in the Tribes process.

The Tribes process creates a positive school environment by teaching and giving daily practice to strategies that instill the values of character education.

Tribes is not a curriculum.  It is a process that develops inclusion (caring and support), influence (a sense of value – meaningful participation) and community (positive expectations). 

Our Purpose

The tribes process and the activities have but one overall purpose:

To assure children’s academic achievement and social develop- ment by intentionally creating an environment that builds caring behaviors and the capacity to work cooperatively.

What Are the Agreements?

Four caring agreements underpin and support the process and are honored by students and teachers throughout their time together:

  • Attentive Listening
  • Appreciation / No Put Downs
  • Mutual respect   
  • Right to Pass (group sharing activities)

How Does Tribes Work?

A set of collaborative skills is learned so that students are able to work well together in learning groups.

Teachers transfer responsibility to the students in order to:

  • Help  each other work on task
  • Set goals and solve problems
  • Monitor and assess progress
  • Celebrate achievements

Academic material is taught through cooperative learning strategies and multiple ways to reach students of different learning styles.  The teachers and administrators throughout Carol Morgan School also work together in collaborative groups.  They too enjoy the participatory process and sense of community that encourages their creativity.

Carol Morgan… First in the World!

Carol Morgan School was the first international school in the world to commit to a program designed to connect academic standards with character education through the Tribes process.

By implementing the Tribes Program, Carol Morgan School will be a model to the over 500 international schools throughout the world.