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Fine Arts


"The Arts are the signature of civilizations."
- Beverly Sills

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The Fine Arts welcome you to an exciting new school year!

At Carol Morgan School, we believe that the Fine Arts promote an understanding of the human experience, and so they are an essential part of the core educational program for all students.

The Fine Arts foster creative thinking, self discipline, and life-long learning. Through the Arts, people understand themselves and develop a cultural awareness. They are a powerful means of communication among individuals, generations, and cultures.

Carol Morgan's Fine Arts program offers students the possibility of exploring instrumental and vocal music, visual art, and theatre. Each academic year, the Fine Arts Department offers a variety of performances and exhibitions on and off of campus, allowing students to affect others by their own artistic discoveries.  CMS artists are also afforded the opportunity to be exposed to The Arts on a community, regional, and global level through our Artist In Residence programs, as well as trips both on and off the island island to various exhibitions and inter-collegiate festivals.


Fine Arts Coordinators:

Elemenarty School: Leticia Massas

Middle School: Lisa Baez

High School: Melody Gifford