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The Carol Morgan School PTO encourages and supports parent’s active involvement in their children’s education and supports teachers. JOIN US! All CMS parents are PTO Members! Please plan to attend PTO meetings and participate in PTO events! It’s a great opportunity to be involved.

What does the PTO do?

We organize social events that build a community in the school, welcome new parents, offer an Ice Breaker for teachers and administrators, hold lectures and organize educational activities for parents, have monthly meeting for the different schools, organize Halloween Frolic, Read Me a Story Night, Surprises for the Tree Lighting Ceremony, coordinate parent volunteers, help during Spring Fest and Thanksgiving Lunch, donate supplies and infrastructure as needed, help the school with its green policies,  organize school supplies boxes, and all through out the year we are involved in many  events and activities.


The first Elementary PTO Meeting will be on Wednesday September 11th, 2013 in the Blue Room at 7:45 AM.

Middle School and high School Meetings will be advertised soon. Don’t miss them!

The CMS PTO Executive members are already working on programs for a great 2013-2014 school year! Look for the volunteer opportunities sign up form in the coming weeks.

We hope to see you on ES/MS Back to School Night on Thursday September 5th, and on HS Back to School Night on Tuesday September 10th. Also, don’t forget the Welcome Cocktail and Parent Assembly that will be on Wednesday September 18th.

See you soon!

The CMS PTO Executive Board








Volume 1, Issue 5 March  2013
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Dates to Remember:
 Thurs. April 4th
Marc Elliot
What Makes 
you Tic? 
7:30 PM
School Parents please bring 
School ID. 
Non- CM Parents:  RD$400 entrance
March 15: 
CMS 80th Year Anniversary Celebration
March 16: 
Spinf Fest and International Food Fair
"Live and Let Live" ...
A Lesson on Tolerance


On Thursday April 4th, the PTO will proudly sponsor a lecture by world renowned speaker Marc Elliot, called "What makes you Tic?"

Marc has taken the many life challenges that he has had to surpass - from a birth defect called Hirschsprung's disease that left him with almost no working intestine, to the many surgeries he endured to correct the problem, to his diagnosis with Tourette's syndrome, a neurological disorder that causes him to make involuntary motor and vocal tics. Along the way, Marc had to deal with how others reacted and treated him. He delivers an inspiring speech on Tolerance, and provokes the audience to examine ways in which we make assumptions about others, leaving us with a life lesson on how to best deal with those who are different. In his own words... "Live and Let Live." 

The lecture will be at 7:30 in the Carol Morgan School Gymnasium. CMS parents are asked to bring their school ID's. Non CMS parents are also invited but must pay an entrance fee of RD$400.

On Friday April 5th, Marc will talk to MS and HS students and share with them his amazing life story. 
How to talk to your teenage kids about sexuality
On February 13th, MS and HS parents enjoyed an interesting lecture on the topic of sexuality and how to talk about it with our children. Pediatrician Josefina Luna first gave an overall view of the development of children and their maturation as they go through puberty. She mentioned the importance for teenagers to have accurate information about sexuality, so that they can make informed decisions based on their upbringing and family values, as well as become responsible adults regarding their own health and that of others. According to Luna, sex education helps teenagers develop self esteem, accept their bodies, learn communication techniques and assertiveness, and prevents sexual abuse and violence, harmful relationships, unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Even though parents usually don't know how to approach this topic, studies have shown that for teens, the most influential people at the moment of making sexual decisions are their parents. When asked when is the best time to discuss sexuality with your son or daughter, Luna advised that every time a child has a question about this matter, parents need to reply truthfully at their level of development.


Other issues discussed were: importance of sex education that teaches abstinence and postponing the beginning of sexual activity, together with explanations about preventive measures for pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Also mentioned was the importance of monitoring internet use among our children, being aware of sexting (sending sexual intimate material over phones or internet) and grooming (befriending children on line for later sexual activity or exploitation).


Lastly, try to start conversations with your children about sexual conducts that you see around, for example in TV programs and commercials, songs or movies. Always be open and listen carefully, discuss your own experiences, try not to be judgmental and beware of lecturing. 



                                80th Year Anniversary... 

           History of  the Parent Teacher Organization at CMS

Carol Morgan School was established in 1933, and for the first few years it was called "Little School" or "Santo Domingo Calvert School." Its first location was "an old abandoned chapel" in the garden of the Episcopal Church. The five children enrolled in the school attended kindergarten, and grades 1st and 5th.

Mrs. Carol Morgan, as one of the school founders and teachers, worked tirelessly to keep the nascent school going. Parent involvement in the school began early on in the school's history. In 1937-1938, the parents formally organized into the "Parents Group", with a Board of Directors to take care of school business details.

The first Parent Teacher Organization was established in 1947, under the name of "Mother's Committee". Its main purpose was to raise money to take care of extra improvements in the school.  This group of mothers started a library and installed an electric water cooler, as well as provided paper towels and paper cups for the children. Previously, each child brought their own glass from home and volunteer mothers took the towels home and washed them over the weekend so the children could have clean towels on Monday. Mother's also took turns bringing jugs of boiled water for drinking.

With the growth of the school, expenses also increased. In order to meet the extra demands, carnivals were held each year, with each father being responsible for a booth. The event quickly became a success, with everyone looking forward to participating.

In 1954, the Mother Club organized the first evening Halloween celebration. Everybody wore costumes. There were different games and a piñata full of candies and bubble gum.

The Mother's Committee was in charge of refreshments, as well as the decorations and games.

Other activities sponsored by the Mother's Club during those early years were Bake Sales, Costumes for the Thanksgiving and Christmas Programs, Candy and Fruits for the Christmas Stockings, A Bridge- Canasta Dessert Party to raise money for books for the library, and an Easter Egg Hunt at the US Embassy.

The Mother's Group, later called the Parent Teacher Organization (PTO), continues to be active and an integral part of the CMS community. This dedicated group of parents is in charge of organizing Ice Breakers for teachers and staff, the Halloween Frolic, Welcome Back to Students events, participating also in Staff Appreciation Week, in Spring Fair, and organizing School Supplies Boxes, lectures, movies, Read Me a Story Nights, and many other activities throughout the school year. 

 Through the Years with the PTO at CMS...