Contact Us


If you are sending mail from outside Dominican Republic use this address:

CPS # 2246
1733 N.W. 79 Ave.
Miami, Florida 33126

If you are using a courier service use this address:

Colegio Carol Morgan
Av. Sarasota esq. Nuñez de Cáceres
Santo Domingo
Dominican Republic
phone No. 809-947-1026
Contact person: María E. Peguero

If you are sending mail within Dominican Republic use this address:

Apartado Postal No.1169
Santo Domingo


Central Operator: 809-947-1000

Headmaster: 809-947-1005

Elementary School Office: 809-947-1065

Middle School Office: 809-947-1055

High School Office: 809-947-1033

Orange users having problems calling the 809-947-1000 please contact us at 829-946-5585.

US Phone numbers direct to us (No International Charge): 786-539-4594

Call us toll free at 1-866-446-9465