CMS Educator Profile

Our almost 160 educators represent a caring and dedicated team of professionals who value collaboration in creating outstanding learning experiences for our students that are grounded in our Mission, Vision, Philosophy Statements, and Profile of a Graduate.

We encourage you to spend some time exploring our school through our website to learn more about what is important for us as an educational organization and to experience some of what our staff and students are engaged in. Our NEWS FLASH highlights learning at CMS as well as our community events and is shared on the front page of our website every two weeks. Also, please take a minute to view a video created by our students in collaboration with their sponsors about teaching at CMS.

CMS Recruiting Approach

Our recruiting approach is to find educators, through as many avenues as possible, who align with our school beliefs and philosophies. CMS recognizes that the educators who are a part of our school are the most significant resources in student learning.

Our recruiting process starts early with the completion of our intention survey process of current staff in middle of October with confirmed and tentative positions being posted at that time. Returning staff confirm their return by the end of November for this school year after which we will update posted positions.

We encourage interested candidates to contact our recruiting team via e-mail with an intention letter describing what match he/she sees with CMS, his/her resume, and references (all in one PDF) so that as soon as positions are identified as opened, we can make contact through Skype or video conferencing.

We will post positions on the CMS website as well as with the AASSA, ISS, Search Associates, and TIE as they become known. We also plan to attend the following recruiting fairs:

AASSA in Atlanta on December 3rd to December 6th
Search Associates Fair in Cambridge on January 28th to January 31st
ISS in Atlanta on February 10th to February 15th

If CMS values, beliefs, and approaches to learning is a professional opportunity that motivates and connects with your passion as an educator, our CMS recruiting team looks forward to hearing from you at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..