Why CMS?

Thank you for your interest in the Carol Morgan School (CMS). We are always looking for outstanding, innovative, and creative educators and support staff who believe in our school’s approaches, beliefs, and values for our learning community. We recognize that that you have choices when considering opportunities, so we look forward to assisting you in your decision.

CMS is a well-established school with a rich 82-year history. We have evolved over the years into a dynamic, forward-thinking, collaborative professional opportunity where staff members are valued and respected for their engagement and contributions to our community.  Our educators engage with students and one another to support the learning needs of our students and our support staff fill vital roles in supporting teachers and students as well as our school operations.

As education has sought a vision for the 21st century, CMS also values this dynamic and real-world approach to learning as reflected in our Mission, Vision, Philosophy, PROFILE OF A GRADUATE and our commitment to the concepts of Tribes. To support this approach, our educators engage in enriching professional learning opportunities for their own professional growth aligned to experiences that support the unique and individual learning needs of our students.  We value the dignity and worth of all students who represent 35 countries with Dominican Republic, United States, Spain, and Venezuela representing the most students in our school.

CMS is an educational organization focused on continuous improvement seeking to incorporate creative and innovative learning opportunities for our students most recently moving to accreditation through Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). Our success in reaching our goals of continuous improvement is supported by our:

•  vision of Founded in Integrity, Focused on Learning
•  commitment to investing in our educators through professional development aligned with what we believe
•  recruitment of educators who believe what we believe
•  engagement of staff in leadership opportunities
•  alignment of our adopted standards to written, taught, and assessed curriculum
•  alignment between school-wide annual goals and student learning goals
•  welcoming learning environment from our staff
•  partnership with our parents in support of student learning
•  valuing the worth and dignity of all in our community
•  opportunities to be immersed in the Spanish language and the Dominican culture

Our recruiting approach is to find educators, through as many avenues as possible, who align with our school beliefs and philosophies. CMS recognizes that the educators who are a part of our school are the most significant resources in student learning.

While we are always seeking to connect with outstanding educators, our annual recruiting process starts in mid-October with the completion of our intention survey process for foreign hire staff with confirmed and tentative positions being posted the last week in October.  Foreign hire staff who are also required to return signed contracts during the last week of November after which CMS will update all posted positions.

We will post positions on the CMS WEBSITE as well as with the AASSA, ISS, SEARCH ASSOCIATES, and TIE as they become known. We also plan to attend the following recruiting fairs:

AASSA in Atlanta on December 3rd to December 6th
Search Associates Fair in Cambridge on January 28th to January 31st
ISS in Atlanta on February 10th to February 15th


Those educators who are motivated and interested in being a part of a team that is on a journey of continuous improvement preparing all students for their unique futures are encouraged to connect with our recruiting team.

Rhonda Norris
Head of School
Laura Tolone
Deputy Head of School
Jennifer Stockbridge
Elementary Principal
Nicolaas Mostert
Middle School Principal
Diana Martelly
High School Principal