Why CMS?

Thank you for your interest in the Carol Morgan School (CMS). We are always looking for outstanding educators who align with the approaches, beliefs, and values of our learning community. We recognize that you have many opportunities to consider when choosing your next professional experience as an educator, so we look forward to assisting you in this decision.

CMS is a well-established school with a rich 82-year history. We have evolved over this long history into a dynamic, forward-thinking, collaborative professional opportunity where staff members are valued and respected for their engagement and contributions to our community. As education has sought a vision for the 21st century, CMS has also valued this approach to learning as reflected in our PROFILE OF A GRADUATE and our commitment to the concepts of Tribes. To support this approach, our educators engage in enriching professional learning opportunities supporting their own professional growth aligned to our student experiences and student unique and individual needs. Our students represents 35 countries with the four countries contributing the most students in our community being Dominican Republic, United States, Spain, and Venezuela.

CMS is an educational organization focused on continuous improvement seeking to incorporate creative and innovative learning opportunities for our students most recently moving to accreditation through Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools (MSA). Our success in reaching our goals is supported by our:

  • Vision of Founded in Integrity, Focused on Learning
  • commitment to investing in our educators through professional development aligned with what we believe
  • recruitment of educators show believe what we believe
  • engagement of staff in leadership opportunities
  • alignment of our adopted standards to written, taught, and assessed curriculum
  • alignment between school-wide annual goals and student learning goals
  • welcoming learning environment from our staff
  • partnership with our parents in support of student learning
  • valuing the worth and dignity of all in our community
  • opportunities to be immersed in the Spanish language and the Dominican culture

Carol Morgan has the good fortune of being located in the Caribbean, a tropical climate, where the culture is rich, the quality of life is high, and the travel opportunities to gorgeous locations is plentiful. Our location provides a wonderful balance to professional life where you will find a warm culture that regularly engages in laughter and dance and enjoys company with those in our community alongside amazing food. Please visit DR1.COM, a website which will give you some insight into our wonderful Caribbean island and its culture.