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About 80% of the students at Carol Morgan School are first language Spanish speakers.  Therefore, our ESL program (K-5) plays an important role in helping students succeed in an English immersion environment.  The ESL specialists and classroom/subject area teachers work together to reinforce four skills (Oral Language, Reading, Writing, Study Skills) in English to promote success in the students' academic growth as they acquire the English language.


Early Intervention Program: The EIP provides support services in Kindergarten and First grade in reading readiness and skill reinforcement to ensure a solid academic foundation in the early years.

Resource Program: The resource program (grade K-5) emphasizes the remediation of cognitive skills necessary for learning and social development. A strong focus is placed on literacy (remedial reading and writing instruction), math intervention, and study skills as they are key to students’ future success. Students who use assistive technology, or who have circumstances that require regular communication among staff, parents and/or outside services may use this service to facilitate their learning


Elementary Language Arts Enrichment Program: The ELAEP seeks to instill in students a love of reading and writing by encouraging them to view themselves as readers and writers. The ELAEP specialist visits the classroom (grade 3-5) to provide resources and ideas to teachers and to continue with the implementation of a writer’s workshop approach to writing instruction.

Math Enrichment Program: The Math Enrichment Program allows students to develop deep insights into CMS standards with a problem-solving and constructivist approach.  The enrichment specialist co-teaches in the regular classroom (grades 3-5), fostering a culture and environment that encourages students to VALUE math and develop confidence in their mathematical abilities.


The Elementary School counselor provides counseling services to all students through classroom guidance lessons, small group discussions, and individual assistance.  The counselor helps students learn communication skills to recognize and communicate their feelings, to listen for, and be sensitive to, the feelings of others, to be responsible for their own action, and to solve problems and conflicts peacefully. He is available to students, parents, and staff to promote understanding of the normal developmental stages of children. The elementary counselor is an active member of the Child Study Committee. More information about the Carol Morgan elementary counseling program can be found HERE.