Library News Flash for February 7, 2013

Artist in Residence 2012-13

The Mayhem Poets spent the week of January 22-25 sharing their knowledge of spoken word techniques with smaller groups from all three schools as well as during two all-school assemblies. Their infectious blend of high energy, talent, and humor was a great way to remind our community that poetry does not have to be boring or outdated.

Several of our students participated in the final assembly, showcasing the rhymes they worked on throughout the week with their classmates.

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Sustained Silent Reading (SSR)

Now in its second year, the High School’s Sustained Silent Reading program continues to invite students to explore the magical world of literature. The Library is a favorite place for students and teachers to enjoy this time.


Senior Extended Essay (SEE) Oral Defenses

The first semester SEE concluded in January with a group of Seniors defending the thesis they labored on for close to five months. Topics ranged widely from sports controversies (steroids), to gay marriage, to geo-political conflicts. The taped sessions of these presentations can be found at:

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