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Resources & Technology

The Carol Morgan School of Santo Domingo strives to provide for its community of life-long learners the most advanced and effective level of academic technology possible. With a dedicated full-time staff made up of directors, technicians, and facilitators, we are continuously working towards this goal. CMS is committed and invested in providing students and teachers with quality educational technology tools and training. The campus has a total of more than five hundred desktop computers and more than one hundred fifty laptops. The campus is equipped with both wired and wireless network and Internet access. In January of 2009 a new multi-million dollar state-of-the-art Library/Technology Center was opened in the center of the campus. This center includes a fully equipped video conferencing room with seating for ninety-two participants. Our staff members are encouraged, supported and trained in an intelligent and systematic way – focused on professional growth and educational relevance.

CMS Academic Web Presence

The faculty at the Carol Morgan School use a combination of web-based technologies for communication and collaboration with students, parent, colleagues and outside schools and organizations. The faculty, staff and administrators use PowerSchool, a centralized online student information system, for efficient data management across our schools and departments. PowerTeacher is the gradebook component of this SIS and includes parent, student, and teacher portals for real-time grading, attendance, and communication. Our Moodle site is called iLearn@Carol Morgan School. Moodle is an online learning management system which hosts class activities, assignments, and academic calendars online for every subject and every grade level. Teachers and students collaborate using a wide variety of online tools, including Google Apps, TurnItIn, Atomic Learning, Edmodo, Diigo and other services.

Technology in the Classroom

Technology integration has been planned for and implemented in all areas of the school. Every classroom is equipped with mounted LCD projectors and there are currently over fifty interactive whiteboards in our classrooms. In addition we currently have over thirty documents cameras. Teachers and students have access to two mobiles labs, six computers labs (two in each school), a dedicated fine arts Mac lab and two library computer labs. The elementary grade 1-5 classrooms are setup with mini-labs containing four Netbooks, for a total of eighty Netbooks in the elementary school. The early childhood has a similar setup using forty-five iPads. There are a variety of student response systems including SMART Response, Microsoft mouse mischief, and virtual clicker software.

Who We Are

Marc Gilbertson
Academic Technology Director
Extension 1069

Harold Ortiz
Information Technology Director
Extension 1086

Anyel Martich
Academic Technology Assistant
Extension 1088

Moises Forchue
Information Technology Assistant
Extension 1087

Brian Rowland
Information Technology Assistant
Extension 1087

Carlos Matias
Audiovisual Technician
Extension 1051

Academic Technology Team

Nancy Acosta
ES Technology Facilitator
Extension 1099

Helen Orellana
ES Technology Facilitator
Extension 1076

George Santos
ES Technology Facilitator
Extension 1099

Ariel Martinez
ES Technology Instructional Assistant

Angel Duran
MS Technology Facilitator
Extension 1114

Gordon Radcliffe
MS Technology Facilitator
Extension 1080

Jennifer Norman
HS Technology Facilitator
Extension 1040

John Rayworth
HS Technology Facilitator
Extension 1042

Where We Are Going

500+ Computers on Campus

115 MB broadband Internet access on multiple lines

VoIP system for on campus calls and for calling out

Polycom enabled Video Conferencing Center with HD video 

Amazing Library/Media Center

HD projectors and interactive whiteboard in most classrooms

Document cameras in most classrooms

Robust campus wireless network

BYOD in the middle school and moving to BYOD through the high school

Digital admissions process

Student Access to IT

BYOD in grades 6-9 and moving to all of the high school

Mobile laptop carts in grade 4 and 5

Classroom iPad sets for Early Childhood

Mobile laptop carts in the ES Library and MS/HS Library

Mac Lab for Art and Video Editing

High end desktops in 6 computer labs

2 Elementary School

2 Middle School

2 High School

CMS Technology and Library Resources

AudioBookCloud (audio books)

Brainpop and Brainpop jr.  



Google Apps

Mimio and Mimio Teach


Noodle Tools

OverDrive (e-books)

Reading A-Z


SAFARI Montage (digital media)


Student Response Systems