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“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”
- Edgar Degas



Carol Morgan School students are exposed to a rich and fulfilling experience through their exposure to the visual arts. Young artists communicate through visual expression with the guidance of five visual arts professionals with different areas of expertise: 3D art-sculpture-ceramics, advertising, graphic design, and cultural art.

The Carol Morgan visual arts faculty and staff are:       

Elementary:       Leticia Massas, PK–1 & 4–5 -

                          Raquel Báez, 1–3 -


Middle School:  Lisa Báez, 6–8 -

High School:     Orling Domínguez, Visual Art / AP Studio Art -

                          Matt Gamache, 3D Art / Sculpture / Ceramics -

                          Patricia Abreu, MS & HS Theater and Ceramics Assistant -