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HS Clubs

High School Extracurricular Clubs provide many incredible opportunities for activities, service, and learning outside of the classroom. There are more than 40 clubs on campus, many of which make a significant difference in the lives of others through Community Service. These groups enhance the quality of student life by fostering qualities such as integration, social bonding, empathy, leadership development, solidarity, and teamwork.

Club participation also helps students raise funds and awareness for important causes, demonstrate multicultural sensitivity, respect differences and share similar interests together, as well as use their time and talent to bring forth positive change. They range from ecological and technological to artistic and athletic. At the beginning of the school year there is a Club Fair for students to get involved.

These are some of our HS clubs:

Aid for AIDS

Art Chinese & Culture

Art is a Start

Athletic Council

Business/Investment Club


CMS Urban

Dance Club

Ecology Project International

Film Club

Jazz Ensemble


Literary Arts Club

Math Club

Model United Nations

National Honor Society

Peer Helpers

Pencils of Promise

Percussion Ensemble

Project Girl

Rock Climbing

Sea Savers

Share your Passions


Snacks for Tots

Student Council


Tech for the Future


Track Blazer

XY Chromotones A Capella Group

Women’s Leadership Club