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To manage the day-to-day operations of the school’s physical plant, grounds and housing facilities for foreign hired staff. Our goal is to serve and support the great CMS community, maintaining the school facilities and staff apartments clean and in good condition.

The Physical Plant:

The campus of Carol Morgan School is located on a 15 acres (66,000 m²) site in Mirador Sur, a residential sector of Santo Domingo. The site is bounded on the north by Avenida Sarasota and on the east by Avenida Núñez de Cáceres. To the south and west the campus is bordered by residential neighborhoods.

The first building constructed (currently the High School) dates back to 1968, when the school moved to its current location. Throughout the years new facilities have been developed and built to meet the needs of an ever-growing student and staff population, making our campus as diverse architecturally as it is culturally; mixing late 60’s styles with modern and more technology oriented ones.


The Elementary School has 36 classrooms, a library and 2 computer labs. The Middle School complex has 23 classrooms, including 3 science labs, a greenhouse an observatory, and 2 computer labs. The High School wing has 18 classrooms with 2 computer labs, as well as 12 additional classrooms and science labs located on nearby buildings. All classrooms and offices are air conditioned. There’s a large library shared by High School and Middle School students. Sports facilities include an indoor gymnasium with locker-rooms, two covered outdoor courts, a weight-training room, 2 soccer fields and 2 baseball/softball fields. Fine arts facilities include separate Band and Choir rooms and a "Black Box Theater" for Drama and small theatrical performances; there’s also a small outdoor amphitheater. The Cafeteria has capacity to seat and serve over 200 students. There are two parking lots with over 200 parking spaces for parents, students and visitors. Others include: 3 emergency generators, a water treatment system, fire alarm with wireless smoke detectors in every room and a PA system to communicate with the entire campus.

School Maintenance Services:

Daily classrooms and grounds cleaning and housekeeping;

Maintenance and repair services for buildings, grounds, light and heavy machinery, school vehicles and rented apartments for overseas faculty;

Supervision of sub-contracted services such as garbage disposal, fumigation and pest control, masonry works, iron works, etc;

Operation and maintenance of the school’s electrical distribution system, emergency generators, air conditioning units and lighting systems;

Operation and maintenance of the school’s water treatment system;

Support and assistance in the setup of extracurricular activities, special gatherings and fund-raising events sponsored by Carol Morgan School;

Planning and development of long-term facilities expansion plans.

Supervision and management of the school’s emergency system (fire alarm and public address systems)

The Maintenance Office:

Here in the maintenance office we handle all maintenance and repair requests for both the school and the housing facilities sent through our on-line maintenance form. In addition , we carry out all the administrative work that allows the department to function correctly, including evaluating the school’s present and future maintenance needs, contributing to the formulation of our long-term facilities plan; as well as  developing the department’s annual budget and managing the maintenance staff (concierges and technicians).

The Maintenance Staff:

Carlos Rodríguez
School Engineer

Juan Medina
Apartments Supervisor

Leo Alcántara
Assistant to Apartment Supervisor

Steffanie Punde
Maintenance Assistant

Ramón Cruz
Maintenance Supervisor



They carry out the maintenance and repairs tasks that are generated by the school and processed by the office. Presently we have the follow technical staff:

2 Electricians

3 Carpenters

1 Plumber

2 Air Conditioning


Currently we have a workforce of 29 concierges. They are responsible for the cleaning and upkeeping of all CMS facilities and areas and for the setup of different activities and events.