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The Carol Morgan School technology program is a living entity; it grows and changes each year enhanced by the staff and students who touch it. Thank you to all of the staff members who have helped to enhance the program.

The Carol Morgan School uses technology to enhance and enrich learning opportunities for students, to increase the effectiveness of our educators and staff, and to improve communication within our local community and the global community of international schools. The Carol Morgan School supports and trains its employees to empower students for success as positive contributors and productive members of a diverse technological society.

CMS believes in the following guiding principles:

Technology should be seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of our students, educators, and staff members.

Students, teachers and staff should have access to technology anytime and anywhere.

Technology should facilitate educational opportunities beyond our classroom walls.

All students, teachers, and staff should have equitable access to technology.

Technology expectations for staff should be supported by ongoing staff development and technical support that is readily available and reliable.

Technology serves as a vehicle for lifelong learning.

Technology resources should be consistent and dependable.