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SUNY Buffalo Program

Master's and Leadership Programs

The Office of the Deputy Head works to provide a quality graduate level education available to our present and future staff, as well as a unique opportunity for all teachers working in the Dominican Republic to have access, via CMS, to a state of the art master’s degree program. Additionally, we offer other advanced leadership degrees that may qualify staff for administrative certifications and leadership positions.

In an effort to build a new cohort of students for the Buffalo State graduate program that has been successful for recent graduates, we have reorganized course offerings allowing for the launch of a new leadership certificate program. This program creates a brand new group of emerging educational leaders in the Dominican Republic and at CMS.

Earn a Master’s Degree!

SUNY Buffalo Courses being offered at CMS for the Buffalo State graduate program:

  • MA Degree (30 semester hours) is available in Multidisciplinary Studies
  • Up to 4 courses can be used as electives which allows for maximum individual specialization
  • Transfer a maximum of 15 graduate level credit hours from other accredited institutions
  • Classes are designed to be project based and differentiated instruction is used to make the learning applicable to a variety of learner needs and teaching settings
  • Courses can be designed to take advantage of non-campus professor, with time to practice new skills within the classroom setting and follow-up with online support. Video Conferencing and online courses are also available.
  • Up to 6 of the required 30 graduate credit hours can be earned through conferences, and/or workshop courses
  • 15 credit Education Leadership Certificate available
  • Courses offered through the Principal’s Training Center (PTC) and the Teachers Training Center (TTC) can also be used as part of approved course offerings
  • The program is supervised by Buffalo State and program counseling is available
  • CMS staff that earns 30 credits beyond a master’s degree receives an annual bonus

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