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Board of Directors

The CMS Board of Directors is elected by the CMS Parent Community, which is comprised of the parents and guardians of pupils in the school. In accordance with the CMS philosophy and mission, the CMS Board of Directors sets the policies which govern the school.  It consists of 8 voting members and 4 ex-officio members.

Board members are also responsible for chairing various committees, which serve to enhance the educational, technical, financial, and overall well-being of the school through the guidance and support of school administrators and personnel. 

Members of the Board

President Juan E. Alvarez '82
Vice President Cristiane Van Arsdale de Caro ‘92
Treasurer Manuel Cáceres ‘86
Secretary Elaine Sosa de Herrera ‘91
Member at Large Laura Freixas de Rodríguez
Member at Large Victor García
Member at Large Catherine Rodríguez
Member at Large Dennis Simó 






Non-Voting Members

Past President  Anabella De Castro de Santoni ‘80
US Embassy Representative Todd Christiansen
PTO President Claudia Freixas
Alumni President Laura Rivera ‘94
Legal Counselor José Cruz