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The Carol Morgan School campus is located on a 15 acre (66,000 m²) site in Mirador Sur, a residential sector of Santo Domingo. The site is bounded on the north by Avenida Sarasota and on the east by Avenida Núñez de Cáceres. The campus is bordered by residential neighborhoods on the south and west.

The campus has 90 classrooms, 13 multi-purpose learning spaces, 3 Makerspaces, 7 technology labs, 5 art spaces, and 9 music rooms spread out in 9 buildings. The field is comprised of a size 11 professional soccer turf field, and a 9,000 m² multisport grass field along with play areas for children of all ages.

In addition to the athletic fields, the Shark Center is a multipurpose facility with 1,400 square meters of professional FIBA certified hardwood floors, double court system for simultaneous games with retractable basketball backstops and electronic scoreboard systems. The court can seat 1,800 attendees for performances in the 350 square meter stage area, equipped with professional LED theater lighting and sound systems.

There are two parking lots with over 200 parking spaces for parents, students and visitors. The school also has 3 emergency generators, a water treatment system, fire alarm with wireless smoke detectors in every room and a PA system to communicate with the entire campus.