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             Carol Morgan
               CMS Founder

In the autumn of 1933, Mrs. Carol Morgan and her missionary husband Barney Morgan were confronted with the task of providing an English Language/American curriculum education for their children in Santo Domingo. Since this need could not be met in the Dominican Republic at that time, Carol Morgan was determined to start her own school. From the inception of the school, the guiding principle was to bring children together for companionship, competition, and a systematic education. Her school was first called “The Little School” or the “Santo Domingo Calvert School” (from the Calvert Curriculum system) and was originally housed in an abandoned Episcopal Chapel with Mrs. Morgan and two other women comprising the entire teaching staff.

The school began with only five students and one room, as well as donated blackboards and supplies from the International Hospital and the Evangelical church, with each student being responsible for his or her own desk and chair. In 1949, Carol Morgan returned with her family to the United States. That same year, in appreciation of her tireless efforts on the school’s behalf, the name of the school was officially changed to “Carol Morgan School” (CMS). Carol Morgan passed away in 1993.

The growth of CMS during the ensuing years required expanded space with the school moving multiple times. However, in 1964, Carol Morgan School was fortunate to have the present site donated to our school. In addition to the land, the school received donated construction materials such as bricks and cement from the U.S. Embassy through the American Ambassador. Since those initial days of the CMS current school site, significant new construction, renovations, enhancements, and improvements have included:

  • Construction of new buildings for Elementary, Middle, and High School
  • Construction and expansion of learning spaces for the library, technology center with labs, and Optimal Learning Center
  • MS and HS Science, STEM, and Robotics labs
  • Purpose built learning spaces for Fine Arts, including music, drama, and art, and a multipurpose theater space
  • Construction of the Shark Center (double gymnasium with PE and health classrooms as well as a dance space, a weight center, and PE dressing rooms), a covered court, and fields (natural and artificial turf)
  • Support spaces and equipment for the administration, cafeteria, maintenance building, parking lots, public announcement system, security enhancements, warehouse, and welcome center
  • Development of outdoor learning spaces

The school’s facilities play an essential role in all aspects of learning for our students.  Therefore, when considering learning experiences and opportunities, CMS ensures that the facilities are an integral part of our discussion and decision making.