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The Maintenance department manages the day-to-day operations of the school’s physical plant and grounds, as well as the housing facilities for foreign hired staff. Our goal is to serve and support the great CMS community, making sure that buildings and their services meet the needs of the students, teachers and staff, as well as cleaning and maintaining school facilities and staff apartments in good condition.


  • Daily classroom and ground cleaning
  • Maintenance and repair services for buildings, grounds, light and heavy machinery, school vehicles, and rented apartments for overseas faculty
  • Supervision of subcontracted services such as garbage disposal, fumigation and pest control, masonry works, and iron works
  • Operation and maintenance of the school’s electrical distribution system, emergency generators, air conditioning units, lighting systems and water treatment system
  • Support and assistance in the setup of extracurricular activities, special gatherings, and fundraising events sponsored by CMS
  • Planning and development of long-term facility expansion plans
  • Supervision and management of the school’s emergency system (fire alarm and public address systems)

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