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ASA Last Day Presentations

Friday, June 8, 2018

This has been a semester of fun and challenging experiences. After School Activities presentations have been taking place during the last week of the program. Mixed Basketball, and Mini Athletics integrated parents into fun activities while, Steam in a Box students presented their amazing work. These activities have been very successful and a wonderful experience for the students. The Ballet and Creative Movement Class had their presentation last Saturday, June 3rd at Casa San Pablo “El Hada de las Muñecas”. On Friday, June 15th and Saturday, June 16th the Danza Española students will be having their presentation at Casa San Pablo as well. The ASA Team thanks you for your unconditional support.

Artcycling Open Class

Mixed Basketball Parent Vs. Students Game

Mini Athletics Open Class

Steam in a Box Presentation

Danza Española Open Class

Gymnastics Presentation

Taekwondo Belt Ceremony

Ballet & Creative Movement Open Class

Ballet Presentation at Casa San Pablo

Creative Movement Presentation at Casa San Pablo