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Band & Choir Win Gold and Silver in California

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our Symphonic Band and Concert Choir participated in a music festival in Anaheim, California. The choir and band each worked with a music professor at Cerritos College prior to performing at the festival. These master classes were extremely beneficial to the students and helped them to take their musicianship to the next level. Each ensemble was awarded high honors based on their performance: the band received gold and the choir received silver. Another exciting honor our CMS music students received was the Spirit of Anaheim trophy. This is a huge honor as it is the only spirit award given, and our school was selected out of over 20 schools who participated in the festival.

Besides performing at the festival, the music students had a jam-packed itinerary. On the first night we were part of the studio audience for America’s Got Talent. Following the music festival day, they spent a day at Disneyland, which concluded with an exciting awards ceremony. The following day, they visited the UCLA campus where the band worked with the director of bands, and got a campus tour. Later, they took in a beautiful concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall to hear the LA Philharmonic perform Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony and the Shostakovich Fifth Symphony. That day ended with a Laker’s game. On the last day before returning home, they toured a Hollywood recording studio where many famous artists have recorded. Dr. Gifford’s former student is one of the managers of the studio so it was a very personal and fun tour. The rest of that day was spent exploring in the Hollywood area, Beverly Hills, and finally, the Santa Monica Pier.

Dr. and Mrs. Gifford were extremely proud of the choir and band students, not only for their performance at the festival, but for their cooperation and positive attitudes throughout the trip. You can view the beautiful plaques outside the choir classroom on the third floor of the library building. What an amazing way to represent CMS and the Dominican Republic abroad!