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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Carol Morgan School hosted the 3rd annual Dominican Environmental Education Program (DEEP). DEEP is a collaboration of various schools working together in Santo Domingo to foster ecological awareness of ecosystems in the Dominican Republic and the human impact on these ecosystems. During the conference, students from CMS, Babeque, New Horizons, ABC, and Saint George presented their results on studies done on Rio Isabela, Rio Nizao, Fundación Grupo Puntacana, and nearby mangrove areas.  Student groups from Dominico-Americano and Saint Thomas also came to join in the event.

Various government and non-government organizations also came to present about what they are doing in the Dominican Republic and discussed possible solutions to problems facing the ecological health of the country. Groups who presented included Fundación Grupo Puntacana, Learning Streams International, The Nature Conservancy, CEBSE (Centro para la Conservación y Ecodesarrollo de la Bahía de Samaná y su Entorno), CIBIMA (Centro de Investigaciones de Biología Marina de UASD), and ANAMAR (Autoridad Nacional de Asuntos Marítimos).​​​



Congratulations to Team DRIFT for an Amazing Participation in California and New York!

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Team DRIFT participated in two FIRST Robotics Competitions: the Hudson Valley Regional in New York and the Silicon Valley Regional in California. The team brought back the competition’s most prestigious recognition for the second year in a row, this time won in Silicon Valley: the Chairman’s Award! This award also means that Team DRIFT will be advancing to the global championship in Houston, Texas from April 18th to 21st. We would like to congratulate the team once again for an outstanding participation in both competitions!


The Chairman’s Award honors the team that best embodies the goals and purpose of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and is a model for other teams to emulate. It represents the spirit of FIRST, encouraging more of today’s youth to become scientists, engineers and technologists.

Software Co-Captain Jaime R. won the Dean’s List Finalist Award at the Hudson Valley Regional in New York. This award is given to student leaders who have led their teams and communities to increased awareness for FIRST and its mission, as well as achieved personal technical expertise and accomplishment.

Team DRIFT mentor Mr. Pablo Herrera received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award at the Hudson Valley Regional in New York. This is presented to an outstanding mentor in the robotics competition who best leads, inspires, teaches, and empowers their team using excellent communication skills. This award was also obtained last year by Mr. Angel Duran.

Thank You

We would like to thank students, staff, and sponsors for their efforts, dedication, and contributions to help Team DRIFT represent our school and country:

Thanks to our Team DRIFT Members:
Team DRIFT Captain:
Jean C.
Hardware Co-Captains: Nicolas L. and Andres G.
Marketing Co-Captains: Paola P., Jose A., and Cristina F.
Software Co-Captains:  Jose A. and Jaime R.

Hardware Team:
Andres S., Manuel G., Ricardo F., Maurizio H., Jaime R., Roberto H., Michel L., Jose A., Marco S., Marino G., Rodrigo B., Alejandro C.,  Juan Jose A., Rafael I., Camila S., Indigo K., Abdiana M., Cristian F., Antonio R., Jose S., Alexander G., Sebastian R., Tobias O., Jorge F., Cesar P., Luis Diego C.

Marketing Team:
Antonio R., Alexia C., Julio R., Rolando S., Sebastian G., Miguel U., Anabel M., Emilia C., Maria F., Susana O., Jose Maria A., Cristina F., Alejandro C. 

Software Team:
Maria M.,  Adolfo G., Gabriel S., Leonardo L., Luis G., Ian C., Carola M., Harold O., Francesca L., Manuel G.

Thanks to our Staff:
Angel Duran - Lead Mentor
Pablo Herrera - Second Lead Mentor and 2018 Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner
Caonabo Aurelio Antonio - Hardware Mentor
Jabes Felix - Hardware Mentor
Ariel Pimentel - Hardware Mentor
Carlos Hidalgo - Marketing Mentor
Miguel Munoz - Software Mentor
Anneli Herrera - Chaperone

Thanks to our Sponsors:

The FIRST program inspires students to learn, explore and be passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Our HS team inspires our younger students in our middle and elementary schools with demonstrations and presentations of the amazing work that they do.

Click here to learn more about our team's facts, competition videos, history, and stats.

We are very proud of Team DRIFT!


Holocaust Survivor Speaks to Tenth Graders

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Monday, March 19, 2018

Mrs. Bronia Kraus paid a visit to Carol Morgan School on March 15th to speak to tenth grade history students about her experiences growing up in Nazi occupied Poland during WWII.  It was a great privilege for all involved to hear her incredible story of survival. Mrs. Bronia was a young Jewish girl in Poland when the horrors of WWII and the Holocaust were visited upon her.  She shared with students and staff her experiences in the ghetto of Lodz and the concentration camps in Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen. Her message put a human face to the tragedies that the students had been learning about in their WWII unit in history class. The experience touched all who attended. Despite all that she witnessed and the sorrows she suffered, Mrs. Bronia’s message was one of hope. She passionately reminded us all to never give up on humanity and to never allow ourselves to hate.  

Student Literary Magazine Recognition for (th)Ink Stains

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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Our HS Literary Arts Club magazine, (th)Ink Stains, has received international recognition! The student literary publication achieved a rank of Excellent among the American schools abroad in the 2017 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines.

Students participated in a contest among other American schools for the Recognizing Excellence in Art and Literary Magazines Committee (REALM) Award. The purpose of this award is to publicly recognize excellent literary magazines produced by students, teachers, and schools and to encourage all schools to develop literary magazines.

The HS Literary Arts Club submitted their entry by the end of last school year and the award and recognitions were published at the beginning of this semester.

Congratulations to alumna Carla Sofia Barjan, who was an advisor, as well as Luisa M., Kyuri K., Nico R., and Indigo K., who were the student editors of the magazine last year, and the club for receiving this important recognition and inspiring those who follow to develop a love of the written word. The NCTE recognizes (th)Ink Stains as an exemplary publication.

You can view or order a copy of the magazine on Amazon.

HS Business Students Present Entrepreneurial Projects

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

On November 29, 2017 we held our first CMS Shark BIZ Tank on campus. During this event, we had the pleasure of showcasing 10 companies created by the students of Starting Your Own Business and Brand Marketing to a distinguished panel comprised of 7 business and technological professionals.  Our students enrolled in these first year programs have enjoyed and benefited greatly from the lessons learned and projects realized during the first semester.

The 7 distinguished panelists of the event included Francisco Rodríguez, our CMS Business Manager and Marché Gourmet Supermarket Founder and CEO; Kellee Brown, our CMS Board Secretary and Founder of the NGO Fundación Granito de Arena; Myron Buck, our CMS Technology Coach and App Developer; Jennifer Norman, our CMS Technology Coach and Google Certified Instructor, Eric Quinlan, Pastor and advocate for Instituto de Sordos Santa Rosa, Laura Asilis, Founder and CEO of TravelWise; and Juan Pablo Fernández, Founder and CEO of Terrachem.  

Our panelists’ extensive experience, know how of the business world and the real life feedback provided to our students during the event resulted in being extremely beneficial to our developing entrepreneurs.  We are very grateful of their support and participation.

Thanks to Juan Pablo Fernández, one of our distinguished panelists, the top four teams/companies from this year’s BIZ Tank will have the opportunity to present themselves again during the Entrepreneur Organization (EO) local chapter competition in February 2018.  In this event, several local entrepreneurs will be presenting their business proposals to compete for the chance to be chosen to represent Dominican Republic in the EO world competition in Indonesia 2018.

Below are some photos from the event, as well as the Panelists’ Top 4 Ranked Companies of CMS Shark BIZ Tank 2017.

Thank you to everyone who supported our first CMS Shark BIZ Tank.

Human Rights Fair

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

Introduction to Human Rights is a new elective class offered at CMS this semester.  As part of a cumulative research project, students chose a current human rights issue that they are passionate about to explore and become an advocate for. Students shared their finding and activism with the community during a Human Rights Fair on December 6th. Those who attended learned about issues such as the refugee crisis, child labor, human trafficking, access to clean water, and statelessness.

Valedictorian and Salutatorian

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Thursday, June 8, 2017


The Board of Directors of the Carol Morgan School is proud to introduce this year’s valedictorian, Alex Vars McQuilling Cabral '17. Alex is an exceptional student and amazing individual. He has completed eleven Advanced Placement courses at The Carol Morgan School and has served as the Student Council President. As an artist, he has been a stalwart member of the award-winning CMS choir, and in 2016 his original poem received highest honors from the Scholastic Art & Writing Association. As an athlete, he has led the CMS basketball and volleyball teams through some of our most successful seasons in years, and he was recently honored with the CMS Athlete of the Year award. As a scholar he has four times completed a CMS course with a perfect 100% average, and was also recently commended by the College Board’s National Merit program. This fall, he will be attending the very prestigious Harvard University. Alex has a tremendous work ethic, a fecund mind, an unerring moral compass, and intrepid leadership skills. When Alex is around, other people feel compelled to be their best selves.


The Board of Directors of the Carol Morgan School is proud to introduce this year’s salutatorian. Nicolás Rodríguez '17 is an incredible young man. He has completed eleven Advanced Placement courses at The Carol Morgan School and he has been instrumental in Student Council and the National Honor Society. As a musician, he has become an anchor-member of our often recognized and celebrated music department. He has helped launch our Track Blazers Club, our Ultimate Disc Team, and our Literary Magazine “Think Stains.” He has spent countless hours volunteering with the Good Neighbors Program and at local orphanages. He was recently commended by the College Board’s National Merit program, and in the Fall he’ll be attending the prestigious Stanford University. All these things he does with a true sense of altruism, appreciation and aplomb, and perhaps most importantly -- he’s always smiling.

Senior Extended Essay and Internship

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

Each senior at CMS is required to complete a Senior Extended Essay (SEE) prior to graduation. This is completed during a semester long course in which students design a project intended to showcase their mastery of the 11 essential traits detailed in the CMS Profile of a Graduate. Students research a current social challenge aligned with an area of interest, identify problems and solutions related to this challenge, use design thinking to develop a prototype intended to be part of a solution, and present their findings first in oral and then in written form. The Final Draft of the Senior Extended Essay is graded by a member of the SEE Faculty Scoring Committee.

A major component of the Senior Extended Essay Course is the Senior Internship. During the first quarter of the SEE course, students complete 10 hours of action research at a self-selected internship site whose mission is aligned with their research topic. In these initial visits, students collect contextual, observational, and qualitative and quantitative data.  

The remainder of the Internship experience occurs following Senior Exams in late May.  During this period, students are expected to complete the remaining 40 hours of the Internship and to create a professional blog detailing their experience. The links below feature blogs that showcase the 2017 internship experience. We are proud of all of the seniors who completed the internship experience; these blogs represent CMS students at their best:

Aura Heinsen Garrido
Rebecca Ostreicher
Laura Lopez Penson
Francesca Maglione
Carlos Ariza Matos
​Piero Rodolfo Espinal Cabrera

Internships are unpaid and should, with the exception of the Community Service Internship reserved for students who require extra support, take place outside of CMS. Internships may take place at nonprofit, for-profit, or government agencies. Students may work for companies that are not owned by immediate family members and relatives; they are encouraged to pursue internships aligned with their professional passions and goals.

The following businesses, individuals and organizations are currently listed as active CMS Senior Internship sites:
Ag Interiores, Alburquerque & Alburquerque, Ambrosia, Arquimilio, Banco BHD León, Banco de Reservas, Banco Lopez de Haro, Banco Popular Dominicano, Best Friends Veterinary Clinic,  Bodegas Barcelo, Bonanza Dominicana S.A., Bop Magazine Korea, Casa Alegre, Castillo & Castillo, CBS Developments, CCN, CECANOT, CEDIMAT, CEMM, Centro de Obstetricia y Ginecología, Centro Médico Moderno, Centro Olímpico Juan Pablo Duarte (Complejo Acuático), CEPM, César Iglesias, Charo Decoraciones, Clínica Abreu, Clínica Altagracia SRL, Constructora Bisonó, Cury & Cury SRL, De Flora, Diario Libre, DICONFO, DUEH, EGE Haina, El Caid, Esfera Verde Corp., Frito Lay Dominicana, Fundación Centro Cultural Altos de Chavón, Fundación Economía y Desarrollo, Inc., Gerdau Metaldom, Good Neighbors, Goplaca, Grandtours, Grupo Diesco (Polyplas Dominicana), Grupo Estrumet, Grupo Formosa Industrial, Grupo La Antillana, HD Herrajes Decorativos, Hospital Robert Reid Cabral, Hospital Veterinario Arroyo Hondo, Hotel Real Intercontinental, IL Prato, Image Builders, IMCA, Instituto de Oncología, Instituto Dominicano de Estudios Virológicos, Instituto Nacional de Ciencia Forense, Isotex, J-PAL (Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab), Laboratorios Referencia, Lendof & Asoc., LMH, Lux Gallery, Maeno & Co, Mamey Libreria, Medical Net, MERCASID, Miami Dade County, Mila Restaurante, Milex Industries, Ministerio de Relaciones Públicas, Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores de la RD, My Little School, Olivia, Ophelia Original, Osteria da Ciro, Padilla, Partners Ogilvy & Mather Dominicana, Periódico Hoy, PETROMOVIL, Pre-Escolar Montessori, Selman & Asociados Arquitectura, Sigmaplast Dominicana, Sophia’s Bar & Grill Restaurant, Squire Patton Boggs, Troncoso y Caceres, U.S Embassy, United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Radio Disney Dominicana, Michelle Urtecho & Asoc, Kah Kow Experience Museum, Plasticos Multiform, Corotos, Suburbia, SRL., Listin Diario, Centro de Capacitación Adopem ONG, Parval Puesto de bolsa, and Autozama.

We are so grateful to the businesses that sponsored interns this year.  If you or the business or organization you represent would like to host an internship next year, please contact Rosa Marmolejos (, Administrative Assistant in the High School Guidance Counseling Office, with contact information and details of the internship you would like to offer. Thanks to Jennifer Norman and John Rayworth for making the Senior Internship Blog Project possible.

Peer Helpers Donate Funds to Support CMS Clubs

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Throughout the year this group of talented, selfless students raises funds with the sole goal in mind of giving it all back to our local CMS organizations in need.  This year the High School Peer Helpers chose to donate $300 each to Share your Passions and Hogar del Niño and $200 to Doggie House.  The Peer Helpers are a unique group of 16 students who have demonstrated their kindness and willingness to help others and have been selected for this role by the CMS High School Staff following an application process.  These students undergo a  16-hour training in peer mediation at the start of the year so that they are well equipped to help others in resolving their own conflicts.  They become peer mediators and in this way, lead by example.

The Peer Helpers, in addition to welcoming new students and families and leading culture shock and orientation activities, raise funds throughout the year through regular sales of chocolate on Valentine’s day, Books and Roses on San Jordi’s Day, and their sponsoring of dress down “Colors” days and healthy bake sales.  They also lead the activities during Wellness Week and Career Day and work as Santa’s elves, delivering hot chocolate to bohios before Christmas. The Peer Helpers are setting a positive example for others, helping out wherever and whenever they can, and always planning ahead with the idea of giving back. Congratulations Peer Helpers and THANK YOU!

A Busy Year for the GIN Club!

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The GIN (Global Issues Network Club) represented Carol Morgan at two different conferences this year. In October they travelled to Academia Cotopaxi, in Ecuador to share their Solar Tree project and in March they visited the International School of Panama to share their Bike and Blend project. Additionally Project Girl, a member of the Global Issues Network for the past three years,  participated in both conferences sharing their service learning experience empowering girls at Batey Lecheria in the DR.

In September, the GIN club hosted a service learning event called "shopping experience" where the second floor of the Donald Reid Cabral Library was transformed into a full on store where maintenance workers were invited to "shop" for clothes and accessories in exchange for tokens evenly distributed amongst all staff.

As every year, the GIN club participated in both the Halloween Frolic and the Spring Fest with every member of the club taking shifts to share our successes with our community and collect funds for future projects.

To conclude this school year’s activities, and in order to commemorate Earth Day in April, the CMS GIN club sponsored a spirit dress up week representing the four elements: earth, fire, water and air. A community chalk wall was placed next to the Propagas Shark Rock Cafe where the entire school community shared their messages through art and free expression conveying what they love about earth.