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High School


National Math Olympics Champion

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Ministry of Education invited CMS in February to participate in the first round of the Math Olympics. There are 2 categories in which High School participates which are C and D. Category C is represented by 9th and 10th grade while D is represented by 11th and 12th grade.  We are only able to select two students from each category.  Senior Ramon T. came in first place in the first round (district level) in Category D. In the second round (regional level), Ramon came in first again in Category D. In this round the Ministry of Education selects one student per province to compete nationally.  Ramon represented Santo Domingo in the National Math Olympics.

At the National Math Olympics, Ramon came in first place in Category D among many talented students. Congratulations once again to Ramon for his efforts and excellent performance!

In previous years, CMS has won the National Math Olympics 3 years in a row. Pedro Castillo '14 came in first place in 2013, Mario Chang '15 in 2014 and Juan Ferrua '16 in 2015. In 2016, CMS was not included among the participating schools in this tournament. In 2017, Ramon is the fourth CMS champion. We are proud of our students’ achievement!


Band & Choir Win Gold and Silver in California

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Our Symphonic Band and Concert Choir participated in a music festival in Anaheim, California. The choir and band each worked with a music professor at Cerritos College prior to performing at the festival. These master classes were extremely beneficial to the students and helped them to take their musicianship to the next level. Each ensemble was awarded high honors based on their performance: the band received gold and the choir received silver. Another exciting honor our CMS music students received was the Spirit of Anaheim trophy. This is a huge honor as it is the only spirit award given, and our school was selected out of over 20 schools who participated in the festival.

Besides performing at the festival, the music students had a jam-packed itinerary. On the first night we were part of the studio audience for America’s Got Talent. Following the music festival day, they spent a day at Disneyland, which concluded with an exciting awards ceremony. The following day, they visited the UCLA campus where the band worked with the director of bands, and got a campus tour. Later, they took in a beautiful concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall to hear the LA Philharmonic perform Beethoven’s famous Fifth Symphony and the Shostakovich Fifth Symphony. That day ended with a Laker’s game. On the last day before returning home, they toured a Hollywood recording studio where many famous artists have recorded. Dr. Gifford’s former student is one of the managers of the studio so it was a very personal and fun tour. The rest of that day was spent exploring in the Hollywood area, Beverly Hills, and finally, the Santa Monica Pier.

Dr. and Mrs. Gifford were extremely proud of the choir and band students, not only for their performance at the festival, but for their cooperation and positive attitudes throughout the trip. You can view the beautiful plaques outside the choir classroom on the third floor of the library building. What an amazing way to represent CMS and the Dominican Republic abroad!

Geometry by Design: Renovating our Zen Garden

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fifty five students from grades 9 and 10 participated in a Geometry project led by Ms. Reni Fenton. They worked together using their skills to design and build furniture from wooden pallets, renovating the Zen Garden and providing a solution that benefits the entire CMS community.

"In this Geometry Project we integrated several units utilizing Real-World Application, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking Skills, Engineering, Leadership, Team Work, Carpentry, Building, and Construction, Scale Drawings, Proportions, Area, Perimeter, Surface Area, Measurements, and Angles, through creativity and a hands-on project.  

“When students connect mathematical ideas, their understanding becomes deeper and more lasting, and learners come to view mathematics as a coherent whole—connected with other subjects and their own interests and experiences. Through instruction on this project that emphasizes the inter-relatedness of mathematical ideas, students not only learn mathematics but also discover its utility," said Ms. Fenton

Special thanks to:

Ms. Fenton's Geometry Class
Pablo Herrera, Maker-Space Lab
Kirk Holderman, HS Assistant Principal
Santana Serulle Family
Gonzalez Serulle Family
Feris Gonzalez Family
Cabrera Robles Family
Valiente Bermudez Family
Barcelo Corripio Family

Thanks also to the companies who donated the pallets:

Marítima Dominicana, SAS & Terminales Haina, SAS
Valiente Fernandez, SRL
Colorin & Serigraf, SA
Distribuidora Corripio, SAS

CMS Career Day 2017

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

CMS was honored to host over 50 professionals on campus for Career Day, held this year on April 4th. The ten panels, organized by career clusters, were comprised of CMS alumni, parents, and professionals in the community and were led by student Peer Helpers and Student Council members. The visiting professionals delighted our students in grades 8-12 with fascinating aspects of their careers, unique career trajectories, and words of wisdom for achieving one's dream job.

Some of the resounding themes from the day were: "Don't be afraid of failure", "Follow your dreams and your passion", "Don't let anyone tell you you can't do it", and "Start working toward your dream now!"

Our keynote speaker, life-long educator and life coach, Ami Gallie, who joined us from Mexico City, encouraged students to use mistakes as learning opportunities by "failing forward". She also noted the research on becoming an expert at something, telling students they need to put in 10,000 hours to be great at something and reminding them that this stage in life, when skills may be low but interest and enthusiasm are high, is the best time to dive in and get started! She closed her talk by asking students to contact someone right then and there, a mentor, a teacher, a parent, or a coach, and commit to starting on their trail to success.

Thank you to all those who contributed to or participated in Career Day in some way. The day was a huge success and we couldn't have done it without you!

Congratulations and Thank You to Team DRIFT and Supporters

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Monday, April 3, 2017

Team DRIFT recently returned from the Hudson Valley Regional Robotics Competition in New York bringing back the competition’s most prestigious recognition: the Chairman’s Award. We would like to congratulate the team once again and thank everyone involved in making this such a positive experience.


Reporter Urelín Castillo from Noticias SIN interviewed Team DRIFT members about their successful participation at the competition. Click here here to watch the interview.


The Chairman’s Award honors the team that best embodies the goals and purpose of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) and is a model for other teams to emulate. It represents the spirit of FIRST, encouraging more of today’s youth to become scientists, engineers and technologists. Click here to watch our students receiving the Chairman’s Award.

Team DRIFT mentor Mr. Angel Duran also received the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award. This is presented to an outstanding mentor in the robotics competition who best leads, inspires, teaches, and empowers their team using excellent communication skills. Click here to watch Mr. Duran receiving the Woodie Flowers Finalist Award.

We would like to thank students, staff, and sponsors for their efforts, dedication and contributions to helpg Team DRIFT represent our school and country:

Thanks to our Team DRIFT members:

Team DRIFT Captain: Nicolas Vasquez-Hazim
Hardware Co-Captains: Jean Christian and Bishara Kawas
Marketing Co-Captains: Maxine Vidal and Gregorio Torres
Software Captain: Jaime Ricart

Hardware Team: Andres Ginebra, Andres Shamis, Antonio Ramos, Indigo Knights, Manuel Alejandro Garcia Berges, Maurizio Hazoury, Monica Lopez, and Ricardo Ferrua
Marketing Team: Jose Alvarez and Paola Perez
Software Team: Jose Agramonte and Nicolas Lopez

Thanks to our Staff:

Angel Duran - Lead Mentor and Woodie Flowers Finalist Award winner
Pablo Herrera - Second Lead Mentor
Caonabo Aurelio Antonio - Hardware Mentor
Jabes Felix - Hardware Mentor
Ariel Pimentel - Hardware Mentor
Carlos Hidalgo - Hardware Mentor
John Rayworth - Software Mentor
Vielka Morales - Marketing Mentor
Reni Fenton - Chaperone
Kenneth A. Stafford - Support Mentor

Thanks to our Sponsors:

Bessa Caribe
Seguros Universal
Alvarez & Sanchez, S.A.
Esfera Verde
Asociación Popular de Ahorros y Préstamos
Castillo & Castillo
Servicios Financieros y de Mercados, S.A.
Blue Beach Punta Cana
Casa Del Artista
Familia Torres Raisbeck
Familia Castillo Bellapart

The FIRST program inspires students to learn, explore and be passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Our HS students on this team participated along with 47 other teams from the New York tri-state area, Brazil, Ecuador, India, Turkey, and the United Kingdom. They in turn inspire our younger students in our middle and elementary schools with demonstrations and presentations of the amazing work that they do.

Team DRIFT will be advancing to the global competition in Houston, Texas in mid-April 2017. We are very proud of Team DRIFT!

Sharks in Action - Amazing Weekend for High School!

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

High school students and staff have been busy, experiencing an active and productive weekend! Here are some of the events our students were involved in:

Into the Woods- The MS/HS spring musical "Into the Woods" was a huge success last weekend! Featuring 25 students from grades 6-12, the cast sang and danced their way into the hearts of the audiences for six sold-out shows in the Black Box Theater! Kudos to the drama and music students as well as Ms. Gifford and Mr. Connoly.


Fine Arts Dominican Festival- This annual tradition creates an opportunity for staff and students of all divisions to experience the traditional crafts, foods and music of Dominican culture. Kudos to our Language department for supporting this wonderful event.


Sea Savers- The Sea Savers club went to PUNTA CANA Ecological Foundation over the weekend, where 13 CMS students and 4 St. George students collected important data for the beginning of a long-term marine study of the area.  Students measured survival rates and growth of mangroves recently seeded by the Grade 10 class, did a study on beach profiles using leveling scopes to measure the incline of the beach, and snorkeled to investigate existing coral reefs along with restoration project growth in the area.  We also had a chance to dip in the freshwater pools and go on a night hike.  


Special Olympics- This was the first annual tournament to be sponsored by the CMS High School. Our Best Buddies club organized this event which saw 40 Special Olympic Athletes, 70+ CMS students and countless volunteers. Kudos to Ms. Costales and her club for hosting this successful effort between Special Olympics and CMS students and staff.


Ashton Cup Soccer- Our varsity soccer team participated in a tournament and finished with a second place finish. Once again our athletes have represented CMS with a positive attitude and successful teamwork. Kudos to the coaches and the athletes.


Robotics Final Build Weekend- A collaborative effort by Team DRIFT to finish the robot they will use when they represent CMS in New York next month. That extra-mile effort paid off, as they ready the robot to be shipped on Tuesday. Kudos to our teachers and students for always representing CMS robotics in a positive manner.


WIDA Academy- This training targeted educators from around the globe as they converged on Carol Morgan School’s campus for 4 days of intensive training to further support the educational experiences we offer our students.