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CMS Benefit Gala and Auction: Fun with Staff

Friday, June 8, 2018

We would like to thank once again all the parents, staff and friends who supported our first Benefit Gala and Auction. Special thanks to those parents who bid and won wonderful experiences for their children. Here we would like to share with you how much these students enjoyed these amazing and priceless moments.

Head of School for a Day

Paula L. was our head of school for one day and she joined Ms. Rhonda Norris as she began the day by leading a Lockdown drill, she read to a Kindergarten classroom, visited Middle School classrooms to learn about what students were engaged in, and attended meetings with other leaders to learn more about Facilities, Technology, and Learning.

ES Principal for a Day

Jean C. enjoyed very much being our ES Principal for one day. He greeted everyone very early in the morning at the ES entrance, along with Ms. Stockbridge, before starting with a full agenda for the day. He attended a workshops, did classroom observations, read to first graders during Shark Story Time, worked on student conflict resolution and even had a meeting with a parent.

He finished his day with dismissal duty at the ES gate.

MS Principal for a Day

Maria H. had a full day of activities as MS Principal for one day. She observed classes in session, met with the entire faculty during a lunch meeting, addressed a mixed assembly of 6th, 7th and 8th graders, participated in a meeting with the MS Counselor to help plan the upcoming 5th grade to 6th grade transition and helped facilitate our emergency protocols due to an unplanned Fire Alarm Evacuation.

Ms. Stockbridge Cooks Breakfast

Ms. Jennifer Stockbridge cooked pancakes for Anastasia K., Naomi G. and their classmates. They all enjoyed happy-face-shaped pancakes with syrup, bananas and juice. It sure was a memorable breakfast for everybody in Mr. Maloney’s class, who prepared this slide show.

Pizza Party with Mr. Santos

Ciro and Valeria C. enjoyed a pizza party with Mr. Santos along with ten friends during their break. They all gathered at the Bohio and shared jokes, played stop and made a “boomerang” video to capture the moment.

Bowling with Mr. Holderman

Kate P. and friends joined Mr. Holderman for an evening of bowling and dinner.