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CMS Cafeteria Series: Quality

Thursday, September 28, 2017

As you may already know, SINDAL partners with Carol Morgan School (CMS) on the delivery of food service on our campus.  SINDAL and CMS appreciate your time in providing feedback in person or via email in order to address any opportunity that might come up and continue enhancing our Food Service operation.

This article is focuses on Quality, and is part of a series to share about Food Service at CMS, helping everyone get to know our cafeteria.

It is important to know where your food comes from and how it is prepared. SINDAL purchases high quality products to ensure freshness, appropriate standards for ingredients, and nutritional value of the end meal. To ensure this high quality, SINDAL only orders from reliable purveyors who assure quality and freshness and guarantee that the products we receive are properly handled, meaning:

  • frozen and cold products arrive in a thermo-king prepared truck to maintain temperature so they do not break the chain of refrigeration
  • fresh products (fruits, vegetables and eggs) are grade A
  • quality meat (grade A cuts of beef, pork, chicken and fish fillet)

SINDAL has a four week wheel menu which ensures the rotation of product inventory. The products to support these menus come from daily and weekly purchases in order to guarantee and maintain freshness.

In addition, during the preparation of our daily dishes we take into account the usual amount of people actually eating daily to adjust food quantity accordingly, in order to avoid leftovers or wastage. This can mean that, on occasion, we run out of a menu item later in the day. We try to avoid this, but the quality of what is served is a high priority.

SINDAL, in partnership with CMS, is committed to provide a high quality meal and food service. Please keep an eye out for the next article in the series in keeping our community informed.