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Contribute Through the MNBS Tuition Raffle

Thursday, October 26, 2017

What is the MNBS Tuition Raffle?
Our Merit and Need Based Scholarship (MNBS) Program provides the opportunity for talented Dominican students with high academic and extracurricular achievement but limited financial resources to attend our school.

How do I contribute?
When you buy a ticket, you are participating to win a discount on tuition or a full tuition while donating to this fund. Each ticket is sold for US$100.

You can also support the MNBS Fund by donating Millas Popular or by making a direct donation using a valid credit card via our Support CMS Webpage.

Where can I buy a ticket?
Tickets go out for sale each year at the Halloween Frolic, and are available at the Welcome Center until the raffle takes place in May during the Board Elections & Parent Assembly III. Tickets are also sold during Parent Teacher Conference days and Spring Fest.

How many tickets should be sold?

  • 360 tickets for all three prizes
  • 310 tickets for full tuition & 50% discount
  • 210 for full tuition only
  • 105 tickets for 50% discount only
  • 50 tickets for 25% discount only

In case 49 or fewer tickets are sold, the raffle will be cancelled.

Who has won the tuition raffle in the past?

  • 2013 Menéndez Suárez Family: 1st Prize US$12,406 (Full tuition)
  • 2014 Cascella Zeller Family: 2nd Prize  US$5,503 (50% discount on tuition)
  • 2015 Inchaustegui Dorrejo Family: 2nd Prize US$6,351 (50% discount on tuition)
  • 2016 García Ferrúa Family: 3rd Prize US$3,992 (25% discount on tuition)
  • 2017 Simó Sánchez Family: 3rd Prize US$4,750 (25% discount on tuition)