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Elementary School

At CMS, we are committed to providing a quality educational program rich with opportunities for students to explore and inquire into the world around them, develop their ability to interact in a bilingual, multicultural setting, and nurture their natural curiosity as they become well-rounded lifelong learners.  

Each day, the elementary division welcomes more than 500 bright, curious students from over 30 nations into our classrooms. From pre-kindergarten to fifth grade, students receive instruction in the core subjects of math, reading, writing, science, and social studies from their homeroom teacher. In preparation for middle school, 4th and 5th grade students receive math, science, and/or social studies from another homeroom teacher in their grade level. In addition to the core subject areas, students also attend regularly scheduled classes in art, music, technology, Spanish, and Physical Education (PE).

As you explore the CMS website, we hope you will see the unique ways CMS students routinely connect with each other and the community, both inside and outside the classroom. From fun and engaging extracurricular activities to rigorous academic programs, the educational experiences of elementary students at CMS exemplify the Essential 11 as well as CMS’s mission statement that instills a passion for learning, builds character, and inspires civic and social responsibility. The many creative and thought-provoking experiences our students have each day, coupled with strong, trusting relationships between students and teachers, form the foundation for exploration and discovery that make the elementary division a great place to learn and grow.  

Come and see for yourself!  We hope you will visit our campus soon.

Paola Torres de Pereira                       Shiara Strauss
ES Principal                                        Assistant Principal