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High School

It is an exciting time to be learning in High School. The world is continuing to change all around us at a dizzying pace. Students today are literally preparing for jobs that do not even exist in the workforce at this time. We might be developing climate change police, human memory augmentation surgeons, virtual personality designers, or protectors of antibodies. We are facing significant global challenges and it is going to be up to the leaders of tomorrow to find creative solutions to ensure our entire human race can continue. This can feel like an overwhelming task, but the students at CMS are more than capable of changing the world!

Our dedicated and caring staff are committed to providing learning opportunities that will enable our students to become strong critical and creative thinkers who work collaboratively to find solutions to change the world. As our vision states, we are "Founded in Integrity, Focused on Learning." We are here to help every student become the best that they can be.  

While we have rigorous academic standards, we also have big hearts!  We care deeply about the wellbeing of our students and every member of our community. We take seriously the responsibility of being global leaders and finding ways to impact our community both locally and globally. We are inquisitive global learners and ambassadors of the planet.

We believe it is the responsibility of every CMS student, teacher, and parent to get involved in our community. There are numerous clubs, teams, and activities to engage students' passion and scratch their curiosity. The more involved we all are in our school community, the better our community becomes.

Kirk Holderman
High School Principal