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Middle School

We would like to extend a warm and hearty “Welcome/Bienvenida” to Carol Morgan School’s Middle School division. Embracing the CMS vision of “Founded in Integrity, Focused on Learning,” the MS team strives to continually create engaging and meaningful learning experiences for our students. Helping us live that vision is a world-class cohort of professional educators, who are committed to drawing upon their wealth of knowledge and perspectives in order to facilitate learning that is collaborative, active, and rigorous. Throughout the three year MS journey, our goal is to encourage students to explore areas of interest, develop their talents and skills, and ignite a passion for life-long learning.

CMS has a strong and focused academic program that holds students to high standards in all courses. In addition to academics, we understand that, more than ever before, our job in Middle School is to educate the whole person, including attending to social and emotional needs.  Having an inclusive community makes us stronger as an institution. We use daily Advisory to foster a sense of connection and belonging, and to provide academic support. Students are encouraged to adopt a growth mindset and to develop the important life skills of cooperation, advocacy, responsibility, empathy, and self-control.

We are proud to offer an array of high-quality activities and opportunities outside the classroom.  Grade-level trips, art performances, athletic competitions, and service projects all provide students with enriched learning experiences. Students may pursue areas of interest and passion through participating in a variety of clubs, including First Lego League, GIN, STUCO, NJHS, Tri-M and more.

Our faculty is committed to student learning and growth at a high level. We know that in order to accomplish this lofty goal, we must all do “whatever it takes” as a community. Students should come each day ready to learn, respectful of themselves, their community, the learning environment, and responsible for their own learning by putting in their best effort each day. We believe our students can meet all challenges at CMS and beyond with respect, compassion, and enthusiasm to reach their potential and expand both their personal and our collective excellence.

We welcome any questions you might have about these important three years in our students’ academic journey, or better yet, stop by for a visit to our beautiful state-of-the-art campus in the heart of Santo Domingo.

Brian Combes
MS Principal