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End of Year, Summer Projects and Message to Community

Friday, June 8, 2018

End of Year

CMS held High School Graduation last Friday.  We hope that you were able to enjoy the livestream of this event since seats are limited.  It is a wonderful celebration at the end of a long, rich journey for these students. We wish them an amazing next chapter of their lives.  We also celebrated these seniors and their families at prom last Saturday evening at the Santo Domingo Country Club.

We have also had many additional celebrations this week, including awards ceremonies, Shark Shiver, and Moving On ceremonies.  We hope you were able to join us in these end of year opportunities. Also, Grades 9 - 11 completed their finals yesterday. We hope that your family had an incredible final week of the 2017/2018 school year.

Summer Projects

As CMS does each year, the School has summer projects and will place orders for needed resources, equipment, and furniture.  Below are the main projects scheduled for this summer:

  • Traffic study to determine the best management of vehicles in and around campus
  • Elevated seating for Shark Center for better viewing of stage performances
  • New chairs campus wide for use in all events
  • Purchase of sports equipment to complete the functionality of the covered court
  • Upgrades in infrastructure for drainage and water supply
  • Annual replacement of and upgrades for fine arts equipment and resources
  • Blue Room expansion to maximum learning spaces for students and student groups
  • Middle School bathroom upgrades (upgrades are a multiple year project)
  • Front yard and back playground resurfacing (continuation of last summer’s work)
  • Continued development and implementation of innovation labs and unique learning spaces, such as 2nd floor of MS/HS library
  • Umbrellas for the Middle Plaza (some are already in place)
  • Replacement of main sidewalk surfaces in the interest of safety
  • Annual replacement of and upgrades in technology to support student learning
  • Annual replacement of and upgrades to safety and security equipment, ie..cameras

The School recognizes and appreciates the CMS communities’ support over the past several years in terms of major construction and upgrades on campus in the interest of creating enhanced and enriched opportunities for our students.  We anticipate this summer will be less extensive than in past years. However, due to the sidewalks project, which touches many areas of campus, the back parking lot entrance is the preferred point of access over the summer break with the Administration Building entrance being an alternative entrance if necessary.


Head of School Message to Community

As I walk around the Carol Morgan School reflecting on the end of my tenure, I smile with great pride in our accomplishments these past three years.  I am proud that we have ensured our focus has been on student learning through continuous improvement with reaffirmation of our standards, developing our learning units, and integrating our forward thinking approaches or Essential 11.  We have put students at the core of our strategic plan, The Shark Sphere, that we developed during my first year. This plan is a commitment to putting students at the center of our daily learning and planning experiences, as it should be since learning is our core business.

Our school has focused on the ongoing professional learning of our educators and staff as they are crucial to our success in supporting students in their learning.  Our staff have engaged in teams in their own grade levels and departments as well as they have embraced participation in school wide teams to support their own development and to support enhancements in student learning opportunities as well as in creating a collegial learning environment for adults.

The school community partners have supported expanded learning experiences for our students, from parent partners to community organizations supporting unique and expanded learning for our students.  We have created learning experiences through after school activities, athletics, clubs, and performing arts providing opportunities for our students to share their strengths and areas of interest. We appreciate this support for CMS.

CMS has redesigned our physical space, starting with the Shark Center, replacing a gym space that had reached the end of its useful life in terms of safety.  We have enhanced our outside space from sports fields to the front yard play space to the middle campus learning and eating area to the enhancement of the Zen Garden, all with the goal of providing spaces for students to learn and grow academically, physically, and socially- one of the key elements of our Shark Sphere.

In achieving these successes, CMS maintained an average year on year financial budget increase that was more than 4% below the average that had been maintained for the previous 10 years plus.  We accomplished more with less and stayed true to who we were as an educational organization while expanding the experiences for our students. A primary goal and a definite accomplishment from my perspective.

Beyond our most recent accomplishments, CMS’ mission was celebrated this year through the 85th anniversary. Our school has a rich history connected to an extensive alumni group that collaborates with our Community Relations Team, a team that supports our internal and external communities in making connections and staying connected to CMS.  We are grateful for these relationships.

As our family departs Santo Domingo and CMS, we wish the school community continued success in building on the amazing accomplishments that we have achieved over the past three years.


A Final Thank You

On behalf of the leadership team, thank you for your support of and engagement with CMS throughout this school year.  We are grateful for those in the CMS community who have partnered in learning for our students.

  • To CMS educators, thank you for your daily giving to our students
  • To CMS parents, thank you for supporting your children and engaging with their teachers
  • To CMS extended families, thank you for your participation in events and celebrations
  • To CMS alumni, thank you for your strong engagement in giving back
  • To CMS community members, thank you to your commitment to our school


Enjoy the summer break and see you on August 20th!

Rhonda Norris, Head of School