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Frequently Asked Questions (COVID-19 Measures)

Is the CMS campus closed?
The CMS campus is at reduced operations; at the moment only faculty and staff are allowed on campus. The return of our students will be properly informed. Regular updates to the community will be communicated weekly through the Friday WAGs.

On what day do classes start?
As projected, we will start the Onboarding process on Tuesday, August 18. Please refer to the Friday WAG for all the details including the schedule for the first week. We also opened PowerSchool and students have access to review their class schedules as well as important information for a successful start of the school year. 

Will there be an orientation of the system, teacher, etc. on the first day?
We have implemented the Onboarding process to help ease our students, parents and staff into the new school year. It is important for all of our students to participate in this process as it is an integral part of the success of the school year. 

Will teachers be on campus to teach?
Yes, the CMS staff will be on campus throughout each of the three different learning scenarios as explained in our CMS Pathway for Reopening. Some exceptions will be made for teachers that are out of the country or are high risk members of our school community.

Will there be additional help (enrichment) for students after their classes?
All three schedules in each of the divisions include additional time (Office Hours) allocated for student support and these schedules were shared with the entire CMS community. If you have more questions, please contact your child's teacher or the divisional leadership members that could assist you further. PowerSchool is already open for MS and HS students and ES will be opening prior to the first day of classes.

Will the students be given training and time to better understand the Distance Learning Plan (DLP2)? 
We are fortunate to have implemented the Onboarding process to ensure that we get our entire community onboard, especially our students. The process is in place to minimize confusion and provide support structures to help guide and support each individual CMS student.

If we have issues connecting or using the new system who do we contact?
The CMS technology department created an Online Helpdesk ( to provide all the support and to ensure that our students, parents and staff are ready for a successful school year. Please refer to the Friday WAGs for all the details regarding tech support. 

Will CMS provide a discount on tuition & fees due to COVID-19?
After a thorough analysis of the current situation, and in order to further support the community through this crisis, CMS will be providing a 5% discount of their enrollment invoice, excluding New Family Capital Levy and New Student Entrance Fees, to all families for the 2020-2021 School Year. 

If I am currently on a financed tuition payment plan, how will the discount be reflected?
For families that are currently under payment plans, the dollar amount of the tuition discount will be prorated over the remaining payments due.

If I have fully paid tuition and fees for the 2020-2021 school year how will CMS award the discount?
For families that have fully paid tuition and fees for the 2020-2021, a reimbursement equivalent to the amount of the discount can be requested immediately or it can be applied for the next academic year. Forms will be distributed to allow families to make the corresponding choice in September 2020. 

Will I get a refund for all or a portion of the 2020-2021 School year due to Distance Learning?
The general refund schedule for student withdrawals is available on our refund policy page. This policy remains in effect during 2020-21. There will be no additional refund of tuition or other fees in the event that CMS must maintain a virtual format for an increased length of time or, in a worst case scenario, for the entire school year.

If I did not enroll for the 2020-2021 School Year at CMS can I come back for the 2021-2022 School Year?
New student applications are required to complete all admissions criteria and policy in order to be considered for acceptance. Acceptances are conditioned and not guaranteed to students that meet academic requirements and subject to space availability, among other factors.

If I have an academic question that is not included in this FAQ, who should I contact?
Once classes start, please connect with your child’s teacher to access all the information you may require. If after having contacted your teacher, you have any additional questions or concerns, they can be directed to your division leadership. As explained previously, the introduction of the Onboarding process will provide those opportunities to connect with leadership, staff, Bohio, Advisor or Homeroom teacher. 

If I have an non-academic question that is not included in this FAQ, who should I contact?
Any non-academic related questions should be directed to the Head of School. Questions regarding invoicing and payment of Tuition, Services or Extracurricular Activities should be directed to the CMS Business Office. 

Important Contact Information:
Head of School - Nicolaas Mostert
Business Office - Francisco Rodriguez
Health Office - Dra. Evelyn Espinal
ES Principal - Paola Torres
MS Principal - Brian Combes
HS Principal - Ty Smeins
Technology Department - IT Help Desk
Optimal Learning Center - Paula Cline