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First Graders Donate for Patient's Cornea Replacement to Bancórneas

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Mr. Wanger’s first grade class was joined on Friday afternoon by CMS alumnus Dr. Juan F. Batlle Logroño ‘02 from Banco de Córneas de la República Dominicana (Bancórneas). Dr. Batlle spoke with the class to give information about the organ donor operation that provides opportunity for restored vision to those who have lost it. During the year, our class had saved money from activities by creating their own decorations and minimizing the amount of food ordered. Our class donated the remaining money to Bancórneas to cover the cost of a new cornea for a patient with limited sight.

Students learned in science class about how light and lenses help us see. We discussed the importance and benefit of sight, identified the magic of reading, watching clouds in the sky, seeing your families faces, communicating and reading emotions on people's faces and bodies. It was a wonderful day and experience to know that together we were able to give such an important gift to somebody in need.