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Geometry by Design: Renovating our Zen Garden

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Fifty five students from grades 9 and 10 participated in a Geometry project led by Ms. Reni Fenton. They worked together using their skills to design and build furniture from wooden pallets, renovating the Zen Garden and providing a solution that benefits the entire CMS community.

"In this Geometry Project we integrated several units utilizing Real-World Application, Problem-Solving, Critical Thinking Skills, Engineering, Leadership, Team Work, Carpentry, Building, and Construction, Scale Drawings, Proportions, Area, Perimeter, Surface Area, Measurements, and Angles, through creativity and a hands-on project.  

“When students connect mathematical ideas, their understanding becomes deeper and more lasting, and learners come to view mathematics as a coherent whole—connected with other subjects and their own interests and experiences. Through instruction on this project that emphasizes the inter-relatedness of mathematical ideas, students not only learn mathematics but also discover its utility," said Ms. Fenton

Special thanks to:

Ms. Fenton's Geometry Class
Pablo Herrera, Maker-Space Lab
Kirk Holderman, HS Assistant Principal
Santana Serulle Family
Gonzalez Serulle Family
Feris Gonzalez Family
Cabrera Robles Family
Valiente Bermudez Family
Barcelo Corripio Family

Thanks also to the companies who donated the pallets:

Marítima Dominicana, SAS & Terminales Haina, SAS
Valiente Fernandez, SRL
Colorin & Serigraf, SA
Distribuidora Corripio, SAS