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MS/HS Library

The Carol Morgan School is proud to have a modern, comprehensive and diverse library collection staffed by a professional and courteous desk and housed in a purposefully designed structure that offers a variety of spaces: a quiet reading and study area, a terrace and lounge for socializing and sharing, and a large and malleable area for collaborative work, exhibition or lecture. These areas and the entire library team are at the disposal of our students, parents and faculty. The depth and breadth of our collection, our on and offline resources and the physical spaces available for use are all focused on one main goal, to help CMS students to learn, share, and grow.

CMS students and families can access Destiny, our online catalog system, World Book, our online encyclopedia system, Sweet Search, our student centered search engine, EBSCO, our extensive online database, and the Library of Congress. Students and families can also enjoy unlimited 24 hour worldwide access to The New York Times by clicking the Times logo and creating an account using their CMS email. If you are having any issue accessing these resources, please contact us.