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Resources & Technology

The Carol Morgan School of Santo Domingo strives to provide for its community of lifelong learners the most advanced and effective level of academic technology possible. With a dedicated full time staff made up of directors, technicians, technology teachers and technology facilitators, we are continuously working towards this goal. CMS has a robust campus-wide wired and wireless network.

Three state-of-the art Innovation Labs are available to our staff and students. Each lab has a specific focus catering to the needs and wants of many age groups.  The Design Technology lab is equipped with 3D printers, robotics equipment, and other Maker materials. This lab as well as the Creative Innovation Lab has a dedicated technician who helps students and staff design and create innovative projects. The technician also helps coach Team DRIFT, our award-award winning robotics team. Our staff members are encouraged, supported, and trained in an intelligent and systematic way, focused on professional growth and educational relevance.

CMS believes in the following guiding principles:

  • Technology should be seamlessly integrated into the daily lives of our students, educators, and staff members.
  • Students, teachers and staff should have access to technology anytime and anywhere.
  • Technology should facilitate educational opportunities beyond our classroom walls.
  • All students, teachers, and staff should have equitable access to technology.
  • Technology expectations for staff should be supported by ongoing staff development and technical support that is readily available and reliable.
  • Technology serves as a vehicle for lifelong learning.
  • Technology resources should be consistent and dependable.

Academic Technology: Communication, Collaboration, and Creation

The faculty at the Carol Morgan School uses a variety of technologies for communication and collaboration with students, parents, colleagues, and outside organizations. Each member of the faculty is provided with a MacBook Pro laptop to support the idea that teachers, like students, need to be mobile learners and managers.

The faculty, staff, and administrators use PowerSchool, a centralized online student information system (SIS), for efficient data management across our divisions and departments. PowerTeacher is the gradebook component of this SIS and includes parent, student, and teacher portals for real-time grading, attendance, data collection, and communication. Moodle is an online learning management system which hosts blended learning activities, assignments, and calendars for every subject and every grade level.

Teachers and students collaborate and create using a wide variety of online tools. The Google Suite for education is used by the entire community while iOS apps, eBooks, Nearpod, iMovie, TurnItIn, IXL, Classcraft, BrainPop and many other services are supported and infused into the classroom.

Examples of Technology in the Classroom

CMS has a successful Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program for grades 6-12. Teachers and students leverage this program to improve learning and help our students become agile digital creators, consumers, and problem solvers. The elementary grade 1-5 classrooms are set up with mini-labs containing laptops, or iPads for group work. The early childhood has a similar program using classroom sets of iPads ensuring that all CMS students and teachers have access to technology when and where they need it.

Infusion of technology has been designed and implemented in all areas of the school. Each division has both technology teachers who teach technology courses as well as technology integration facilitators who help classroom teachers infuse our wealth of technology tools into the curriculum. CMS classrooms are equipped with mounted LCD projectors and document cameras. Interactive whiteboards are also located in most classrooms. Teachers and students have access to mobile labs, traditional computers labs (two in ES, two in HS), robotics and innovation labs in the MS, an advanced robotics and innovation lab in the HS, and a dedicated fine arts Mac Lab with still photography and video capabilities.