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The Carol Morgan School is thrilled to offer an education-based athletics program as part of our student's CMS learning experience. Our program goals include working with student-athletes to develop critical 21st-century skills inside and outside the classroom. We offer development opportunities for the whole child based on our school's mission, vision, and core values. In addition to developing sporting skills, students become problem solvers, critical thinkers, and decision-makers. Our students participate in local and international competitions, which add to their world citizen experience.

The CMS Student Athletics Program is characterized by:

  • Commitment to CMS core values
  • Development of individual athletic skills
  • Opportunity to participate in a variety of sports
  • Inclusive participation for all students 
  • Opportunities to organize and compete in activities for self-development
  • Sportsmanship, personal integrity, lifelong learners, and demonstrating tenacity.

Our student-athletes enjoy participating in several sporting and recreational activities locally and internationally. From K-12, we provide physical learning and sporting opportunities in many areas, from team sports like basketball, soccer, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee to individual sports such as table tennis and track & field.

CMS also encourage our students to be global leaders and extend their skills beyond our school wall. Some former and current students have represented the country and families in sporting activities we don’t provide as a school. These include Equestria, baseball, boxing, bowling, E-sports, and much more.

ACCAS: The Association of Colombian-Caribbean American Schools, which provides competitions and tournaments for our ES, MS, and HS students.

We hope that every student has an opportunity to pursue their passion for sports and experience new activities during this school year.


Richard Michael Britton
Athletic Director