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Community Service & Learning Programs

Besides our traditionally outstanding Community Service program, we have incorporated Service Learning as one of our main focuses to build civic responsibility in our students. We understand that knowledge has to be purposefully applied to solve problems of our nearest community and the world around us. 

Through having these programs in place our students have the opportunity to respond immediately to those specific needs that cannot wait, but can also have a deeper and more detailed process to approach the community issues to find sustainable solutions. 

The Service Learning projects are designed within the curriculum to help the students identify a community problem or need that requires intervention, investigate it, prepare a plan to respond to that need, and act according to what they have planned. 

Some of the advantages the Community Service and Service Learning programs offer to our students are the following:

  • Exploring their leadership skills
  • Discovering new realities and needs around them
  • Discovering areas of interest
  • Developing empathetic relationships
  • Growing their reflection abilities
  • Relating the classroom content to real-life problems  
  • Learning by doing
  • Improving their social-emotional skills