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Peer Helpers Donate Funds to Support CMS Clubs

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Throughout the year this group of talented, selfless students raises funds with the sole goal in mind of giving it all back to our local CMS organizations in need.  This year the High School Peer Helpers chose to donate $300 each to Share your Passions and Hogar del Niño and $200 to Doggie House.  The Peer Helpers are a unique group of 16 students who have demonstrated their kindness and willingness to help others and have been selected for this role by the CMS High School Staff following an application process.  These students undergo a  16-hour training in peer mediation at the start of the year so that they are well equipped to help others in resolving their own conflicts.  They become peer mediators and in this way, lead by example.

The Peer Helpers, in addition to welcoming new students and families and leading culture shock and orientation activities, raise funds throughout the year through regular sales of chocolate on Valentine’s day, Books and Roses on San Jordi’s Day, and their sponsoring of dress down “Colors” days and healthy bake sales.  They also lead the activities during Wellness Week and Career Day and work as Santa’s elves, delivering hot chocolate to bohios before Christmas. The Peer Helpers are setting a positive example for others, helping out wherever and whenever they can, and always planning ahead with the idea of giving back. Congratulations Peer Helpers and THANK YOU!