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Robo Platanos Team at the World Championship in Houston

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Winning the 2015-2016 Caribbean FIRST Lego League Trash Trek Challenge competition earned our intrepid Middle School robotics champions the right to go and represent the Caribbean at the FIRST World Championship in Houston, Texas.  Leaving the day after Semana Santa, the Robo Platanos team returned this week after battling 108 other teams from around the globe in the 2016-2017 Animal Allies competition.  Although the team did not bring back an individual award, the reward of mixing with and working with the top students in their age group, along with visiting the associated Innovation Scholarship Faire and witnessing FTC and FRC competitions of older students, was reason enough to applaud their endeavour.

Well done to Isabella (Captain), Ahriel, Alberto, Daniel, Gonzalo, Jeffrey and Rodrigo.  They were commended for their project presentation and also battled hard to repair robots damaged in transit on time to compete well in the Robot Game.  A fantastic effort and a real credit to CMS and the Caribbean as a whole.

The Robo Platanos team, along with 3 other CMS FIRST Lego League teams (Robo Sharks, Infernal Legos and Lego Storm), now turn their attention to the FIRST Lego League 2017 International Championship. The competition is hosted by Fundecitec and will be held this year at the CMS Shark Center on May 6 and 7. We are hoping to repeat the opportunity for our students to compete against the best in the world. Come and support our teams on Sunday, May 7 (the day of the Robot Games) and see if we can send another team back to Houston in 2018!