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School Wide Community Service Activities

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Our Community Service program offers a variety of activities and opportunities for students to get involved in throughout the school year and summer break. This gives our students the chance to experience and develop their interests by transmitting their knowledge, using their abilities to teach, foster, and help others in need. Our students of all ages have been at full steam this year. In our three divisions, students were involved in different activities and projects during the first semester.

Here are a few highlights of each division:

Elementary School

Our 4th and 5th grade classes have been working with Instituto de Ayuda al Sordo. Throughout the semester, we have had the opportunity to have different exchanges with the institute. Both grades visited the institute on different occasions learning the way deaf children are taught. We had visits from specialists who held a workshop about the importance of taking care of our hearing and the different causes that can lead to hearing loss. Our students also learned basic sign language, taught by Anneli Herrera who is an interpreter and our Community Service Assistant. In addition, in November we hosted our traditional Thanksgiving lunch with the students of the institute as our guests for the day.

Middle School

In our middle school division, one of our traditional projects is the Angel Tree for Aldeas Infantiles SOS in Los Mina. Our students spend weeks collecting toys and goodies for the Aldeas Christmas party, as well as serving hot dogs, chips, and sweets. This year we had the privilege of having special guests from Escuela de Musica Los Guandules. These students practice once a week with our high school band students and, during this opportunity, they played Christmas carols for everyone present.

High School

Our high school students have been really busy this semester. Below are some wonderful Christmas activities hosted by some of the high school clubs. We had the Tech for the Future & Kids with Vision Christmas party, Madelaes girls orphanage Christmas Party and our Maintenance Angel Tree Project, for which our students collected toys and gifts for the sons and daughters of our CMS Maintenance staff, culminating in a wonderful Christmas party with all the parents and their children.