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Summer Projects

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Every summer CMS works on numerous projects to optimize the learning experiences for students and ​enhance ​our ​campus facilities. These projects are ​identified and prioritized ​based on ​safety, learning ​need​s, and functionality a​s well as ​local and international standards, compliance, etc. These projects are reviewed, evaluated​, and ​recommended by ​leadership and the multiple Board Committees as well as the Board based on the potential funding sources, including fundraising initiatives, operational expenses and capital expenditure projects. ​We had planned on sharing this information at the Welcome Reception earlier this school year; however, with the postponements of this event due to the hurricanes, we are sharing now.  Please see the list of projects that were completed during the summer of 2017:

1. A/C project: As part of a 3-phase/3-year process, we conclude our high efficiency A/C project, with VRF A/C units installed in the MS/HS Library, Welcome Center, and High School buildings.

2. ES bathrooms upgrade: All the bathrooms in the Elementary building (H) have been renovated with LED lighting, new fixtures, partitions, re-tiling and ventilation.

3. School wide drainage: A study and design was made to optimize the drainage in certain areas of the school that would flood during heavy rainfall. A system of catch basins and grates were installed in several parts of the school, using our existing drainage wells.

4. Electrical upgrades: An electrical firm was hired to evaluate the conditions of electrical feeders, panelboards, and other electrical components in order to replace and optimize. Trenches were dug up, panels and wiring replaced in some areas of the school. This is an ongoing process which is programmed to be concluded towards the end of the year.

5. Front wall finishing: The school’s front yard wall was plastered, given a rough exterior finish and painted graphite gray, consistent with the school’s new areas design.

6. Safety studies and compliance: Several studies were performed in terms of seismic, safety, and emergency procedures compliance.

7. Business Office space redesign: New office partitions were installed to allow a more functional layout.

8. Awnings for Covered Court: Added enclosures on all sides to bring shade and cover and maximize its usability.

9. Netting for fields: Protective sports netting installed between the turf and natural fields.

10. Health Office: Floors were changed using hospital grade vinyl flooring.

11. ES Innovation Lab: A new Makerspace was added to the Elementary building, with covered exterior space, movable furniture and appliances and tools for enhanced, hands-on experience.

12. Middle Plaza: The area between the Art Pavilion and the MS/HS Library was completely renovated to optimize walkways and a new outdoor space was added with concession stands and sitting areas for learning and socializing. This came from the need to intervene in this area due to drainage issues, and maximize space functionality. The finish is an outdoor grey porcelanato and the walkways finished with stained microcement. Drainage was also optimized in this area with a full pipework system.

13. Front yard playground: This modern playground and swing set (for ages 5-12) were designed and implemented to maximize students’ kinetic development. There is also a triple treehouse with interconnecting bridges around our front caucho tree.

14. PK-1st grade playground and bike track: A modern playground, optimal for children between the ages of 2 and 5, with EPDM flooring and a shade structure. Complete with full swing sets. In addition, 400 square meters of multiuse rubber flooring.

15. HS Social Studies classroom: A classroom was created by dividing the MAC Lab in the 2nd floor of the MS/HS Library and Technology Center. This was due to a multiple classroom and office space movement that originated in 2016 with the demolition of the HS Robotics room.

16. Zen Garden: A new waterproof and sunproof tensile shade structure was installed in the Zen Garden to maximize student usability of this space.

17. IT Remodel: The IT offices were completely renovated, with tilework, divisions and furniture. A new Help Desk area was added to provide assistance with all tech-related issues.