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Support the Merit & Need-Based Scholarship Fund

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Three highly skilled Dominican students have already attended CMS under the Merit & Need-Based Scholarship (MNBS) program since its start in 2017. The Board of Directors approved funding within our budget for one student scholarship at a time. Thanks to the support of our community through our fundraising efforts, we are fortunate that a second student could also benefit from a scholarship to join our High School student body.

Help us build this fund so we can always include a second student in this scholarship program!

There are two ways you can contribute to the MNBS Fund and support the education of a talented Dominican student with limited resources:

1. Make direct donations using a valid credit card via our Support CMS webpage.

2. Donate your credit card miles (Millas Popular) before they expire. See instructions below:

  • Log on to your Internet Banking account, go to the Millas Popular section on the left, and request the exchange option.
  • Call Telebanco Popular at 809-544-5555 (or 1-809-200-5555 toll free from outside Santo Domingo) and choose the Millas Popular option.

For more information contact Vielka Morales at