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Teacher Recruitment Series: What is the right fit?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Carol Morgan School (CMS) is fortunate to have a very positive reputation both locally and internationally as a well-established, outstanding educational organization for students and educators. The experiences that our students have and share when they leave CMS for university or life after high school plays a role in this reputation.  However, as we have previously shared, research continues to show that the most significant factor in successful learning for CMS students, your children, is the educators engaged with them daily.

There are several major aspects in attracting and retaining these educators. First, hiring the right people from the start and then supporting ongoing growth and development for those who continue to be a part of CMS from year to year.  Another aspect is the focus of our blog today, recruiting new educators to our community and how they are hired.

While our reputation is strong, CMS has high expectations for all of our teachers regardless from where they are recruited. While our learning environment has similarities with other schools, we also are unique and expect an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement through new learning opportunities for students and ongoing professional growth by our staff to ensure we offer our students the greatest opportunity of success in their futures.

CMS seeks the best teacher for each position based on the expectations of our student learning opportunities and the needs of our student population alongside building the best team of educators to support every student in reaching their full potential.  The recruiting process for the best teacher is balanced between the local and international markets in identifying only the highest quality of educators.  We are committed during recruiting in connecting with and hiring those educators who believe what we believe, value what we value, understand the needs of our unique school learning community, and are aligned with the learning experiences we have identified for our students.

Our school is fortunate to have educators who are interested in considering CMS but not every candidate interested in CMS is the right candidate for our school.  To find these outstanding and "right fit" educators, CMS advertises locally and participates annually in international recruiting fairs with our leadership team focused on finding teachers who are the right match for our learning environment and will best meet the needs of our students.  Schools and educators are as unique as our children and students, so this significant commitment to recruiting is essential.

We have begun this recruiting process for the 2018/2019 school year and look forward to sharing the new educators with our community in the Spring when we have concluded our searches.  Wish us success in finding the best match for our students!