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Support Staff

Carol Morgan School (CMS) recruits support staff in the Dominican Republic as well as through non-teaching spouses. We are always looking for outstanding, innovative, and creative staff who believe in our school’s approaches, beliefs, and values for our learning community. We recognize that you have choices when considering opportunities, so we look forward to assisting you in your decision.

The general information shared on this page relates to those positions that support our educational and operational offices that are essential and integral for CMS to be able to run the school. 

When recruiting to fill positions, our focus is on the local candidate who is the right match in terms of experiences, skills, and beliefs aligning with our learning environment. All support staff positions are filled through local hire (LH) candidates meaning that the candidate lives, resides, and/or is interviewed and recruited in the Dominican Republic. For support staff, the local law applies in relation to terms and benefits of employment.

Education and Experience

CMS identifies in each support staff posting the education, certification, or credential requirements for each position.


Salaries are based on the requirements of each position and are considered competitive for Santo Domingo.  

Local Hire Educator Benefits

Benefits are designed in compliance with local labor laws including the following:

•  Private local health and dental insurance stipulated by labor law
•  Local pension plan as stipulated in labor law
•  Professional learning opportunities provided at CMS
•  Leave: sick, bereavement, personal, maternity/paternity, and recruitment