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Support CMS

Supporting our school with your time or through different fundraising opportunities allows our students to continue engaging in enriched learning experiences and opportunities in the context of an advanced technology environment. CMS’ Strategic Plan ensures that our focus is on meeting the learning needs of the whole student and educating the future leaders of a diverse and ever changing world.

Many CMS family and community friends have chosen to support our students through donations that fund the continuous improvement and the growth to which our school is committed. This generous support of our constituents every year benefits the core of our school: our students, and, in a more extended way, many other children from less fortunate backgrounds are beneficiaries of the CMS learning environment and infrastructure through the CMS Community Service Program.

“I will always be grateful for the help I received from CMS Students and Biblioteca Piloto Infantil-Manganagua during my English classes, they show the true meaning of solidarity.” -Ricardo Aquino, one of the first beneficiaries of our REACHOUTS program

Ways to Support:

Innovative Learning Experiences


Extracurricular Experiences


Merit & Need Based Scholarship Fund (MNBS)


Leave a Mark... Buy a Brick


Naming Project


Endowment Fund